Your Acceptance Speech

Brent Pittman —  02/27/2012

Winning an Oscar is a lifetime achievement for those in the film industry. Years and decades of honing their skills, networking, taking small roles to build their careers. Not to mention waiting tables, acting classes, and time away from family and friends to pursue the starlight.

No one wins an Oscar alone. That is why the winners rattle off a laundry list of people who helped them achieve their dreams.

Your Acceptance Speech

Who will you thank when you get out of debt? When you get your diploma? Get your dream job? Retire early? Build a successful business? Get to the top of your industry?

With enough hard work, sacrifice, encouragement & support from others, prayer, sweat and tears  you will achieve your goals.

On that day who will you thank when you attain that goal that seemed impossible?

Why wait till then? Thank someone today who is helping you along on your journey.

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