You Can Read 25 Books in a Year

Brent Pittman —  11/15/2011
Thick Book vs. I-phone

What if you read the thickness of this I-phone every week?

I just read a chapter from a book while eating lunch. Who cares!? Well, if I continue doing this for even 300/365 days that will be 300 chapters; possibly twenty-five books consisting of 12 chapters.

Wow! Twenty-five books?  You can practcially get a new degree or become a pro at a specific topic with that type of reading; considering you read nonfiction books of course.

According to Thomas J. Stanley, millionaires read at least 1 nonfiction book a month? This is one of my goals of which I am ahead of schedule. What if you took simple steps, that lead to huge results? What if you actually did read 25+ books in a year? Wouldn’t that have the potential to change  your knowledge, skills, and perhaps even your paycheck?


Make another simple change, say stop drinking 1 can of soda a day. That sugar really stacks up. Did you know that you can loose up to 10 pounds in a year by drinking 1 less can of soda a day? 10 pounds is a huge life change and can be achieved by just a small step each day.

By the way, I read the above fact by reading my book at lunch today.

What micro steps can you make today that will result in overwhelming results?

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