Yearly Goals Retreat

Brent Pittman —  10/13/2011

Each year my wife and I go on a retreat to establish our yearly goals. We usually get away from the normal routine and go to a new location or new city.

Why do we do this? At first I didn’t really understand about goal setting, but my wife really encouraged us to set goals. My reasoning for not setting goals was that I am just a driven person and have a daily checklist of items that need to get checked, so I’m always moving forward. The thing was that I wasn’t always moving forward in any specific direction.

So we now set goals and I’ve really come to enjoy this weekend of prayer, reflection, talking about life, and setting family and personal goals. It is so fun to go over the previous years goals and see what you’ve accomplished. Also, each month throughout the year we look at our goals briefly to see if we’re on track.

We break our goals down by areas of life and also by month of major events or things we want to accomplish. Below are the areas we focus on and few examples of goals that I’ve set for myself in 2011.

  1. Spiritual- Read the Bible in a year (I’m a bit behind on this one)
  2. Financial-Give x % each month.
  3. Career- Blog at least once a week.
  4. Family-Weekly date night
  5. Physical- Go to gym 2x a week (Yikes, this one fell off the radar)
  6. Personal Development- Read one nonfiction book a month.
  7. Hobbies-Play ultimate frisbee once a month.
  8. Social- Wait…I need social goals?

As you can imagine it is easy for me to come up with financial goals, but other areas aren’t as easy. Social goals are usually the hardest for me as I’d never go to a party, unless my wife dragged me there. We’ve found that making these goals really unifies us as a family and keeps us moving forward. If we didn’t have goals, then we’d be the same people from year to year and that’s just boring! So take some time and schedule a weekend to make goals for the upcoming 2012. Go ahead and make that reservation or clear a weekend for you and/or your spouse.

Another thing we’ve learned is to make your next years goals in the current year and before the hustle and bustle of Christmas comes along. Once Thanksgiving hits the year is all over except for the parties. You want to have your goals in place, so that when January 1 hits you have your goals in place. Remember resolutions don’t work, only goals do. Drop me a line if you plan on having a Goals Retreat for 2012.

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