Financial Coach Oklahoma City-Hire Me

Like the articles and advice I’ve been dishing out? [Why not Subscribe?] Did you know I provide personalized coaching sessions?

My specialty is working with individuals, couples, and small businesses to improve their relationships and finances. We’ll start where you are and move towards a concrete plan that leads to peace, stability, and wealth that will enable you to give like you’ve never dreamed.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started learning how you can do money better.

Coaching Options

1) 1 Month of Unlimited Financial Coaching via Email- I’ll provide researched and thought out answers to your financial questions and situation via email. This is a low-cost and effective solution to your current situation.

2) One Time Budget Review and Financial Check-up– A 2 hour session where we look under the hood at your budget and see what needs an tune-up. We’ll also review other areas that make up a healthy financial life. Plus, answer any questions that you have.

3) Three Month Coaching Package– Budgeting, Organization, Debt Reduction, Goal Setting, Wealth Building and any other topics that you need.

Additionally, I have special long distance packages for those referred from Christian PF or Slow Roasted Money.

I also provide Small Business Coaching for your business or coaching for your employees. Speaking engagements for your staff are an option with advanced notice.

Before we begin any of the above options, I’d like to hear your needs and offer a free consultation Contact me to schedule a time to talk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know this really works? 

This stuff really works! My family has used the methods I teach for 5+ years. We’re debt free. We have money to give to others. We sleep well at night. We have choices. We’re doing what we love. Did I mention this stuff works?

Are you going to try to sell me insurance? 

Nope, I don’t sell financial products like insurance or investments. I don’t want to either. I’m only a broker of information  and a broker of hope as I like to say.

I don’t have enough money, how do I find money for financial coaching? 

Coaching is an investment into your financial future. You’ll make your money back many times over, especially if I help you become a millionaire. 😉 Bottom line is if you want to change, you’ll be able to find the money.

As a bonus, if you follow my recommendations and they don’t work–I’ll refund your money.

Where did you learn about money? (Can I trust you? Are you some hack?) 

  • I was trained by the Lampo Group, which is Dave Ramsey’s organization, through their financial counselor program in 2010 and have been coaching since.
  • My wife and I have used this system since 2007 and we’re debt free.
  • We are also Financial Peace University facilitators, having taught 4 classes currently.
  • Oh, yeah and I read and written a lot about money (this blog) with hundreds of articles about personal finances.
I’ve made and seen a lot of budgets, seen many tough situations, and I know how to help. If I don’t know, I’ll tell you and then find out.

Is my information confidential? 

Yes, I don’t even tell my wife who I’m working with. It drives her crazy. I won’t tell anyone.

Can’t I get this information free? 

Possibly from a combination of multiple sources, but I offer much more. I offer a specialized service to get your finances in shape quick. Think of it like a boot camp with a Drill Sergeant (minus the yelling). It hurts a bit in the process, but if you do the work you’ll come out stronger in the end.

Hey so what are you waiting for? If you want to improve your financial situation contact me so you can begin a life of financial freedom and peace.