Winners Wake Up Early: I’m Joining the 5 Club

Brent Pittman —  06/26/2013
Winners wake up early. Photo Credit: mag3737 via Compfight cc

Winners wake up early. Photo Credit: mag3737 via Compfight cc

Take a look around at those people you admire who are successful in life and seem to get a mountain of tasks completed. You know their secret?

They wake up earlier than you do.


It’s no secret really. Winners just wake up early and start their day off before you AND work on strategic tasks that help them reach their goals.

I have decided to join their ranks and join the 5 Club. The what?

I’m waking up at 5 am to work on specific tasks that will help me reach my life goals.

Reaching Goals Takes Time

We all have goals, yet who reaches them?

Answer: Those who devote enough time and energy to those goals.

How much time do you actually spend on your goals? Do you carve out time each day to make mico steps towards your life goals?

There is a lot to do, but only a few tasks each day really matter and make an impact on your life goals.

My Motivation for joining the 5 Club

I’ve got a lot on my plate, how about you?

Currently I’m working 40 hours, commuting 15 hours, maintaining a blog, am a husband and dad, helping out around the house, and assisting with a family business.

I can slice my tasks and responsibilities down to a certain level, but there still remains a large mound of important tasks that have to be done.

With my normal schedule, I just can’t seem to get it all done.

That is why I’ve decided to start waking up early during the week to tackle my important goals head on.

I was lagging with this for a long time. My wife claims she’s been telling me for years that winners wake up early, but I’m not a morning person so I always dismissed that idea quickly.

The breaking point has been not being able to exercise and write–both things that give me life and energy.

When I saw that my friend and YouTuber had joined the 5 Club, I had to jump in.

 Wake up Early? (Why Not Stay up Late?)

Why not stay up late and just work on your goals?

I know, I used to feel the same way too. Yet-those tasks and goals that were personally important kept getting pushed lower down the priority list and never materialized into action.

By the end of the day I was tired and unmotivated and just want to watch reruns of Jimmy Fallon on Hulu.

5 AM is Tough: Preparation, Discipline, Planning

This club is not for the faint of heart. It takes preparation the night before to lay out your clothes, pack your lunch, and set your alarm.

When that alarm goes off when its dark and everyone else is sleeping it takes discipline and guts to roll out of bed.

I use an app called the 5 Club for i-Phone. Currently there isn’t a Android version, but I’m sure its in the works.

It takes planning to stay on task and figure out what tasks you should actually do. Currently I am writing 2-3 days and exercising 2 days.

My Experience with the 5 AM Club

I’m in my second week so far and I’ve been able to write a few articles and exercise 3x. This may not seem like a lot, but if I didn’t wake up early those things wouldn’t happen at all.

The 5 Club App only lets you check in at 5:00. If you try at 5:01, you’re late. The app will even send a notification to Facebook and you can see who else is waking up at that time too.

My wife is even getting in on the action and waking up a few days with me.

Can You Wake up at 5 AM?

If you’ve read this far, you must be thinking that waking up early could benefit you. Trust me, it works.

Why not try it? Download the 5 club app if you’ve got an apple on your phone or set your alarm for 5 am for the next morning.

Pick your important task and get to it. Avoid social media, email, TV, and other distractions. Just focus on those personal goals.

Go ahead and decide to be a winner and wake up early. You won’t regret your decision.

See you in the morning.

If you’ve decided to join the 5 AM club let us know in the comments what you’ll be doing with your time. 

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  • Starglider

    I really don’t get the whole “I’m awesome just because I get up early” thing. You’re awesome because you do awesome things. Does it really matter if it’s late at night, early in the morning, both, or neither? Thesis: people who brag about getting up early do it because they actually haven’t done anything that is, in itself, meritorious.

    Let’s analyze this embarrassingly self-aggrandizing post, shall we?

    Currently I’m working 40 hours . . .
    Wow! 40 whole hours. Every week?! So, you have . . . a job. Let the back-patting commence!

    . . . commuting 15 hours . . .
    FIFTEEN HOURS? By my math, that’s three hours every day. I’m starting to see the problem here.

    By the end of the day I was tired and unmotivated and just want to watch reruns of Jimmy Fallon on Hulu.
    Too bad you’re not a member of the “highly motivated” club. Did you know that winners are motivated? Probably better just to give up now.
    Seriously, if you’re a morning person, “that’s great,” but you could accomplish the same objectives here by just exercising some discipline and forcing yourself to be productive at night. It’s all about discipline (and preparation and planning), right?

    I’m in my second week so far and I’ve been able to write a few articles and exercise 3x. This may not seem like a lot . . .
    It’s not, really.
    Transferring some of that “discipline” reserve to the “efficiency” one really could work wonders here.
    You could start with the commute. . . .

    The app will even send a notification to Facebook and you can see who else is waking up at that time too.
    Is there a word to describe this other than “pathetic”? If there is, I’m just not finding it.

    Sarcasm aside, I’m not saying it’s bad to get up early, but there’s nothing inherently noble about it, either. It’s just another productivity hack that works for some people (probably about half). If you’re just looking to inflict suffering on yourself to attain some personal ideal of “toughness,” then I’d posit that there are much more effective ways of doing that.

  • Android User

    I don’t think there’s an Android version coming. I’ve seen the developer state there’s nothing planned for it.

  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    I am up by 5 almost every weekday morning, but part of the cool club. 😉 I just have too many obligations and by beating the kids up by a couple of hours I can really maximize my time.

  • Travis Pizel

    Jules has me beat by 5 minutes. I get up at 4:20 and to the gym by 5am. If I don’t do it early, it won’t get done. I’m done by 7:00 and ready to be productive for the rest of the day!

  • Jules@Faithful With a Few

    I recently started waking up at 4:15am and I get my running in! It has been the most consistent way for me to achieve my goals!

  • krantcents

    I have always been an early riser! I used to get up at 5 or 5:30 AM to go out running. I finished exercising, showered, had breakfast and left for work by 6:30 AM. I used to get t o work by 7 AM. I got more done before 8 AM because there was no interruptions. It allowed me to join my family for dinner every night and still put in 50-60 hours a week. I was more productive and effective!

  • I wake up at 5am every day, though I hadn’t heard of an actual club devoted to it. Pretty cool! I just find that I’m much more productive in the morning than at night, and I much prefer getting things done early than thinking all day about the stuff I have to do later. It’s definitely not always easy to get up, but you adjust.

    • I am with Matt, I wake up at 5 but am not a member of the cool club apparently. It has revolutionized my productivity though, and I have discovered that I am able to get so much more done in the day. It’s about efficiency for me. AND the bonus is that I don’t take any time away from my wife and daughter in the evenings.

      • Dang, I guess we’re all winners here! Agreed, time with family is a must.

    • Matt, Yes I’d say you’re in the club for sure! I agree it’s not easy…especially on Monday morning.