Will You Be My Frugal Valentine?

Brent Pittman —  02/11/2013

Will you be my frugal valentine? Perhaps not the most romantic phrase my wife will hear this weekend, but the most realistic. [Guys, you do know Valentine’s Day is coming up right?]

You see, I’m a frugal romantic. What’s that? I’m romanced by acts of frugalness. If you tell me that gift was bought on sale, my heart will melt. If it was found in the dollar section, swoon!

If you are a frugal romantic like me or are having to be frugal by necessity this Valentines, perhaps you need some good ideas?

Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas

1. Movie Night- Plan a personalized movie night for you and your significant other. Buy those big candy boxes like the ones at the movies and get a Red Box or rent a free movie from the library.- More ideas from OddCents.com 

2. Gourmet Home Dinner- Why eat out and pay those inflated Valentie’s Day set menu prices? You can cook at home and eat at 1/3 of the price. Want to do some inexpensive decorating too? Check out ruffledblog.com DIY ideas. Don’t forget the candles!

3. Picnic at a Park of Free Museum- Pick up some yummy goodies and beverages and spend some time outdoors (if its not freezing of course).

4. Make a Mixed Tape (Playlist)- Come on you did it in high school? Why not show your loved you care like its 1989?- More great ideas like this at The Simple Dollar.

5. Make a Card- Lots of hearts, construction paper and glue. Oh and a love poem they’ll never forget.

6. Go for coffee – Make it unexpected! Go before work. Show up at their workplace and take them for coffee (ask their boss first). Meet them after work with a last minute text.

7. Go Thrifting or Garage Selling- Pick each other a special gift and spend time together while you’re at it. -29 more ideas from PTMoney.

8. Book Store- Go and read books together. Go ahead sit in the floor and read about romance and relationships. My wife and I used to go on a ton of these dates in San Francisco. The older and odder the store, the better.

9. Game night- Work a puzzle and talk. Play a few rounds of your favorite card or board game. Works for kids too!-  24 More ideas from Creative Homemaking.

10. Plan ahead and be thoughtful- No matter what you do. Plan ahead and be thoughtful. Planning=caring is what I’ve learned these past 4.5 years of marriage.

How will you spend your frugal Valentines Day? 

Photo Credit Christy Sheffield

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  • I made my husband this!  http://simpleislandliving.com/2012/02/14/valentines-day-slutty-brownies/

  • Love this Brent. Keep it up!