Why Upgrade I-Phones?

Brent Pittman —  10/15/2011

What is the fascination with gadgets? I mean they blink and whirl and make life a more enjoyable place, who really cares? Who cares that the I-phone 4S is out today? I mean blazing speed, new processors, better cameras, free texting, and Siri, who cares? I mean who is really going to stand in line for hours for an brand new 1/2 update to an I-phone 4S? According to Tech Trader Daily, they will sell between 2-4 million new I-phones this weekend. Our fascination with new gadgets is becoming an epidemic. Apple has a cult like following with millions of disciples. I must admit that I dig Apple products and believe that Steve Jobs did a great at forming his Tribe, but these gadgets can get pricy.

My Original I-phone

My original I-Phone still works.

I for one am holding out till the price comes down and the lines get shorter. I’m also hoping to switch carriers and get a free phone at some point. It’s not that I’m not an early adopter (I am more of a middle adopter), but I’m cheap. Since my I-phone 3GS was stolen a few years ago I’ve been using an original I-phone. [Yes, I’ve been jacked in L.A. and that’s a whole other story that I’ll tell you over coffee.] One of my friends graciously gave me his I-Phone and I’ve been using it ever since. Now I can’t bear to pour money into some new tech, when my perfectly good phone still works. This post is now about me being cheap and not hip as I don’t have a new I-phone 4S, but hey my Original I-phone still works! Are you going to be standing in line this weekend?

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