Why I’m Still Blogging After 250 Articles and 2013 Blogging Goals

Brent Pittman —  01/11/2013
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250 flavors in our article selection. Credit Eva the Weaver

Here we are again. Another mini blogging milestone.–Thanks to everyone who reads and supports this site! Ya’ll are a swell bunch.

I won’t have a giveaway like my 200th article, but I plan on having one soon (any sponsors out there want to contribute? ūüôā ).

I find it’s good to pause and reassess why I continue this¬†maddening¬†blogging journey. If you just want to read about personal finances check out my archives¬†and I’ll be back on Monday.

Why I’m Still Blogging After 250 Articles.

Have you ever had a parttime job that offers only pennies a day, takes hours of your time, and consumes much of your mind. Yep, that is what most beginning bloggers experience–The Long and Winding Road.

Hard work with little pay–BUT many intangible rewards like knowledge, friends, respect, an outlet for passions…etc.

I pause.

Why do I do this? 


I started blogging [First Article: Money is Cent Everything] as an extension of my financial coaching business, but came to realize I could help more people by blogging than with my one on one coaching.

Who knew that I could write one article that literally hundreds would read in a day and that would impact them personally and financially?

I blog to help others and change lives,¬†not just make money for myself–although that would be an awesome bonus.

I believe money is the applause you¬†receive¬†from a job well done in the marketplace. When you help others money starts to flow–it has started to flow…ok drip, but the faucet is on.

As I continue to blog in 2013, I want to focus on helping others and changing lives, not just grabbing the low hanging fruit and monetize my site with sleazy products or ads that are not helpful.

“I never endorse or promote a product or service that does not create high¬†value¬†for my readers. Only the best for my readers!”- ¬†My Disclosure Policy

2013 Blogging Goals and How You Can Help

Blogging is a bit of wizard behind the curtain tech magic and awesome writing that inspires other to action. Balancing both takes a lot of time, but I’m up for the challenge.

These are a few of my goals for 2013 fueled by my motivation to help others and change lives.

Some are very technical and nerdy, but as the numbers increase so grows my platform and ability to help others in financial need.

  • Blog 3-4 times a week.
  • Alexa 100,000 or below.
  • RSS 250 Readers.
  • Finally start a Newsletter.
  • Hit the 500 daily unique views mark.
  • 1000 Twitter followers.
  • Have an article published in a top 10 Personal Finance website or news outlet.
  • Write and Publish an E-book.
  • Become a member of Yakezie.

How You Can Help Reach These Goals

Did you know that you can help in making these goals a reality? Here are a few ways!

1. Subscribe via RSS to receive new articles via email or added to your reader of choice.

2. Follow on Twitter.

3. If you visit the website often, download the Alexa toolbar  and use for surfing my site. It helps with rankings. Also a great tool for finding legit websites and avoiding scamy ones.

4. Review my site on Alexa (click grey tab at bottom) or Technorati.

5. Add me to Google Plus–yes trust me this will become huge in 2013.

6. Email me with ideas, questions, suggestions, or just a note saying hello! brent at ontargetcoach dot com

Thanks again for your support! How can I help you reach your goals in 2013? 

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  • Wow, 250. Congrats. One of the benefits I’ve found from blogging is that it helps me clarify my thoughts. Putting things in writing, especially in the public eye, forces me to step up my game and congeal these random thoughts into concrete ideas.

    • Loren, writing is a great way to organize thoughts and declutter my mind.

  • 250 posts is an awesome milestone, Brent! I hope you meet all your goals in 2013…..are you at all considering going to Fincon13 this year? It would be awesome to meet up in person!

    • I’d love to come. Has the location been announced yet?

      • I saw a video interview from PTMoney over the weekend that said the date was “most likely” the weekend of 10/17 and the location was “most likely St. Louis. ūüôā

  • John@TheMoneyPrinciple

    Congratulations on the 250! Your Alexa seems a bit out of range compared to your PR of 3. Alexa depends on your visitors having the Alexa Tool Bar installed so maybe you are reaching readers who don’t have it.

    • Alexa crept up over the holidays as I haven’t commented on other sites lately and nonbloggers traffic increased.

  • AvgJoeMoney

    Very do-able goals, man! Congrats on the 250 mark. I’ve dumped Alexa as a benchmark personally. There’s nothing to see there, really. For me the key is unique visitors and time on the site. If I focus on improving those two metrics, everything else falls into place (that means my sub-goals are like your others: Twitter and Facebook followers, RSS feed readers, newsletter peeps, etc., because they drive those two numbers).

    • Yea, I don’t care too much about it, but need it for Yakezie–so it’s still there. I’m thinking of dumping Facebook all together since only 1/10 of followers see any posts.

  • When did the new logo pop up? Was that today? Looks gooood!

  • krantcents

    Brent, you and I have some of the same goals. This is the year I think I may have a shot at it! I hope both of us make it.

    • I’ve got a bit of catching up to you to get to the1st page of Wise Bread.