Why Dad? Asking Questions to Discover the World Around Us

Brent Pittman —  03/22/2013
Kid with Magnifying Glass

Are you still curious? Credit woodleywonderworks

My son recently discovered the joy of asking why. Now every day is filled with “Why dad?” questions.

I find it interesting that as early as age 2 we learn to ask why.  Asking why is part of the developmental process and how children discover the world.

It is also proof that their brains are working and children are trying to figure out how this crazy world works.

Somehow along the way many of us stop asking why and just go through the daily mechanics of life.

Do you still ask why?

Do you still question the world around us? Don’t grow up. Keep asking why.

Cool Why Articles Around the Web

Here are some cool articles I found that ask why–yes many have to do with money, but hey that’s the gist of this blog right?


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Why you Need a Platform to Succeed– Michael Hyatt

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The Most Common Word at My House– An article about Why

Health and Fitness

Why Health Plays a Role in Your Finances– Planting Money Seeds

Why Your Health is Your Most Important Asset– J.D. Roth

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5 Why Articles I’ve Written

I try to ask why a lot.

Why Pay Off Student Loans Early? 

Why I Switched Mutual Fund Companies

Why Going the Dentist is Like Creating Your First Budget

Why I’m Still Blogging After 250 Articles

Why Boring Index Funds Can Make You Rich

I hope you continue to engage the world around you and keep asking why. 

What are you curious about now? Add your Why question to the comments below. 

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  • Glen Craig

    I love the ‘why’ questions from the kids (well, not when they endlessly ask why just to be annoying, but you know what I mean). It’s amazing how insightful their questions can be.

  • A very large part of my career was asking questions. I am really good at i t too. When my children were small, I remember asking them why a lot too.

  • thanks for including an EOD post, Brent! Oh man, I miss the “Why Dad?” questions. They’ve been replaced with the teenager “Why are you so dumb, Dad?” look. Hahaha.

    • Travis,
      Yikes. I think I spoke 5 words during my teenage years, so I’m expecting the same from mine.

  • Thanks for mentioning my post! Asking why when no one else bothers can often set you up fir great opportunities. There is nothing like slaying a useless sacred cow (figure of speech only… no cows were slain in the making of this comment).

    • Slaying cows is useful if it helps your general readership. Wanton culling should be done with consideration to the implications. I try to write for the public, not other bloggers.