What’s in Your Wallet? (Literally): Spring Cleaning for Your Wallet

Brent Pittman —  04/05/2013
Constanza wallet

Is it time to clean out your Costanza Wallet? Credit shareski

I’ve been a fan of the trifold wallet since I started carrying one back as a wee lad.

The trifold is nothing special, it’s just what I grew up and what is comfortable to me…that is until it becomes so fat that I can’t have it in my pocket.

“This is an organizer, a secretary, and a friend.”- George Costanza

That makes me begin to wonder: What is in my wallet? In homage of Spring Cleaning. It’s time to clean out the ole’ wallet. For you voyeurs, this should be fun.

A Catalogue of What’s in My Wallet

I have to make this wallet thinner. I’ll put a Trash to those items I’m taking out.

Inside the folds

  • $40 in mostly one dollar bills that I have saved for garage sale season.
  • $1.26 left over for money to spend on my wife. (We budget cash to spend on each other each money)
  • My new address listed on sticky note.

Left Fold

  • ING relic debit card that will soon be replaced I’m sure [RIP ING Direct…].
  • XX bank debit card
  • Insurance card
  • Best Buy Rewards Card Trash
  • REI Member Card
  • Safeway Club card Trash
  • Old insurance card Trash
  • Costco Card- I can trash this when our membership expires.

Middle Fold

  • Drivers License
  • Picture of my wife
  • Picture of my son as baby
  • Stash of old receipts
  • 4 OTC business cards

Right Fold

  • Starbucks Gold card–yes I like coffee.
  • Business Debit card
  • Old McDonald’s Gift Card Trash
  • Panera Bread card
  • HSA debit card
  • AAA card

What’s missing?

  • Current insurance card-doh!
  • My lunch money, mad money, and couples spending money for the new month. Time to check YNAB to see how much to withdraw.

Sorry, nothing too exciting or revealing. I was able to ditch a few items, but most are essentials.

I’ll need to investigate an app that stores my reward card numbers. Any suggestions?

Now it’s your turn to Spring Clean your wallet or pocketbook.

What’s in your wallet? What could/should you take out. 

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  • Kira Thompson

    Garage sale season!!

    Some really great tips here! My wallet wont snap shut on most days either and I need to take some time for spring cleaning (and digging into the bottom of all my purses for receipts and junk)

  • Driver’s license, car insurance card, health insurance card, perscription discount card, debit card, business card for a cop(why?), loyalty cards for HuHot, BestBuy, & Qdoba, library card, and a coupon for lettuce. I tend to travel light with my wallet because it is poorly designed and gets very bulky very fast.

    Also, like Krant, cash and I don’t ever seem to spend too much time together before it’s gone again.

  • I carry about 3 credit cards and debit card (Costco, United, Hilton & ATM). I have the usual insurance ID’s, and my driver’s license. I carry no money or anything else. My pictures are on my phone. I usually do not carry my wallet and I very rarely carry any money. I use my credit card for everything and pay it off every month. I find that I will tend to spend cash, so I do not carry it.

    • If I didn’t have my cash already allocated, I’d spend it too.

  • Heath

    Checkbook Wallet

    Left side large pocket:
    -$52 Cash

    -Bank deposit slips and receipts – Filed

    Small Window:
    -Carry Permit
    -Samsung NFC Tags

    Right Side Card Slots:
    -2 Library Cards – City I live in and the one I work in.
    -Insurance Cards – Health and Car
    -Sam’s Card – A must while we have babies. It pays for itself in about 2 months with diapers and formula
    -Business Debit Card
    -Paypal Debit Card
    -Personal Debit Card

    Right Side Large Pocket:
    -Picture of my oldest & wife – I need a picture of my youngest
    -Some clients business cards – Put in phone then trash
    -Gander Mountain gift card

    • Cool list! I didn’t realize Paypal had a debit card.