What is the Oddest Item in Your Budget?

Brent Pittman —  07/15/2013
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What is the oddest item in your budget?

The budget for your family will not look like your neighbor’s budget.

Why? You are different people with different values.

Every budget is unique and is a reflection of our values, goals, and dreams.

I’ll assume you have a budget and meet monthly with your spouse or accountability parter to hammer out the details of your spending plan. If not, I suggest reading How to Budget Like a Pro.

What is the Oddest Item in Your Budget?

All personal budgets have the same items like gas, insurance, food, and the like. But, what about those items you budget for that are unique?

I’ve seen a good number of budgets in my financial coaching career and I’ve never seen the same budget.

In fact, I’ve seen a good number of quirky items of which I’d love to disclose, but can’t due to confidentiality reasons.

Personally, our current odd items beyond the normal are:

  • Spending money for our toddler to learn about money.
  • Money to spend on gifts for each other. (Helps our marriage and avoid money fights)
  • Clothing–not crazy, but I’ve noticed not many people budget for clothing each month.

I know there is nothing too odd currently, but as our income increases I’m sure a few more exciting line items will appear–or at least the dollar amounts.

We budget what we value and what we plan to spend our money on before the month begins.

What do you budget for each month that is “odd”? What is the most unusual item in your monthly budget? 

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  • Jules@Faithful With a Few

    We have a side stash of cash for the ice cream man for the kids:)
    In the budget, money for my races, and my husbands comics!

  • Funancials

    My wife and I don’t “budget” for anything necessarily (we don’t track specific spending or set money aside), but we do spend a ridiculous amount on 2 unusual things that we would have to budget for if we budgeted. Does that make sense?

    She takes cycle classes about 4 times/week which are $15 a pop and I play too much golf ($50/round x multiple rounds per weekend).

    I would not be a happy person if we budgeted and I got to see what those numbers add up to 🙁

  • AvgJoeMoney

    Hmm….we budget for the farmer’s market, which in our area is a little more expensive than the grocery store.

  • I don’t budget for clothing because there are probably only 2 months out of the year where I actually buy any clothing, on average.

    While gasoline probably isn’t that odd of a budget item, the size of that line item makes it stand out. I’m currently averaging $150 per month in gas.

  • We budget gifts as well. I honestly don’t think we have anything too odd in our budget. At least not compared to people who actually budget.

  • krantcents

    Some people may think that I still pay for cable! Since I already have a pretty good size nest egg and practically no debt, I have cable. It is part of my entertainment. I take retirement (403B, IRA & Roth IRA) savings first! I still have money left over which I save for our biannual trips overseas.

  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    I don’t know that we really have anything truly odd in our budget – we have much of the same few that you listed. I suppose that our budgeting in for haircuts might be considered a little odd for some. Thankfully, we have two boys so we can do theirs at time when we cut my hair. 🙂

  • I’d have to say ‘kayaking.’ We live in a great kayak area, but don’t own a kayak (yet). So I rent one for a few hours for several outings during the summer. One reason I track this separately is to help me judge whether it would make more sense to buy a kayak. My problem though is finding a good place to store it!