What Are You Waiting For? Start Today!

Brent Pittman —  12/12/2013
Time to begin your journey! Credit

Time to begin your journey! Credit stevendepolo

Seriously what are you waiting for? The time for excuses and procrastination has ended.

Did you make New Years resolutions that fizzled out before Valentines Day?

The time to act is now!

Small Steps Matter

No matter whether your goal is to be debt free, loose 30 pounds, or do a muscle up (mine)–take a small step today towards that goal.

Small steps really matter. Think you can beat $100,000 of debt in one day? No way! It will take years, but if you don’t start today, then your journey will never begin.

My friends, it’s time to begin or restart that journey. You know what it is. You know the goal you’ve been neglecting.

Take a step today. One pushup. One dollar saved. One less TV program watched. One more pull up. One dollar budgeted.

Take a step. What are you waiting for?

Start Your Journey Today

Below are few good resources for starting a solid financial journey today!


What step do you need to take today? Ready. Set. Go! 

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Brent is a financial coach and writer looking for the perfect donut. He believes personal finance should be both fun and accessible to anyone willing to learn.
  • krantcents

    I believe breaking down goals to daily/weekly/monthly tasks. It reminds me of my long range planning experience. You have a 5 year plan with annual budgets to help you get there,

    • A five year plan seems a little daunting and inflexible to me. I can understand having one for a corporation, but tougher for an individual Do you do this for your personal life too?

  • Right on! Break a big task down into small bits and set a goal for each bit. Instead of setting a goal to pay off $5,000 debt in two years, resolve to cut this debt by $200 each month. Much easier psychologically, and the positive reinforcement along the way helps motivate!