We’re Moving to “The Valley”

Brent Pittman —  03/02/2012

Wall of boxes in our living room

We’ll be moving on Saturday to “The Valley” away from our west L.A. hipster culture.

I know, I know. There’s a lot of jokes about the San Fernando Valley, especially told by L.A. residents. Such jokes might reference Glendale, Valley Girls, and the heat. Oh yeah, it’s about 20 degrees warmer than our current location.

Everyone says that once you have kids you leave West L.A. to find a more family friendly community, we’ll looks like we’re joining the rank and file and leaving too, but we have good reason.

Reducing Our Expenses by 1/3

Yes, you read correctly 1/3! That’s 33% For us that is a savings of more than $1000.

While I can’t go into the details, my wife is getting a gig where she can still stay at home with our son.

We’ll be saving as much as we can to build back our emergency fund to its former glory.

What would you do if your expenses were reduced by 33%?

We’ve been getting free boxes from Trader Joe’s, renting our own U-Haul, and soliciting some help (donuts AM helpers, and Chicken for PM movers). Wanna help?

I am a professional mover. My family stopped counting the moves after 27. So i’ve been around a U-Haul or two.

This should be a relatively inexpensive move. We will even get to sell some appliances like our portable dishwasher to put $ into the “Our new place doesn’t come with a refrigerator fund“. Oh yeah and in 30 day’s we’ll get our fat deposit back from our old landlord.

Any frugal moving tips to share? 

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