Weekend Edition: Frugal Summer of Savings

Brent Pittman —  06/22/2012
icecream truck

What is your favorite from the ice cream truck?

Summer is officially here! The kids are out of school, the ice cream truck is making the rounds, vacations are beginning, lazy pool days, the NBA season is finally over (good try Thunder) and baseball can carry us through to the Olympics.

Summer is here and it’s time to let the fun begin. You work too hard, relax a bit–but keep an eye on your dollars or they might slip and slide down the wet banana to the mud pit at the end.

Good clean frugal fun is what I’m talking about. Save money, have fun, and enjoy your summer with this collection of articles I’ve read this week.

Frugal Vacation and Travel Savings

Pack Right and Save on Baggage Fees– I’m sure you hate bagge fees too. Learn how to be a better packer and avoid paying those fees.

A Simple Way to Save Big on Traveling This Summer – Blowing money while on vacation is easy, but MoneyNing has some frugal tips for vacation.

How to Travel Cheap at the London Olympics– There is still time to go to the London 2012 Olympic Games. The Frugal Toad proves you can have affordable lodging in London and other advice for the 2012 Olympics.

Fun fact: I was an escort runner to 3 torch runners for the 1996 Olympic games. I didn’t get to hold the torch, just run beside the torch for several miles while it traveled though Birmingham, AL.

Frugal Summer with Children

Get Your Kids to Read and Save– Reading and Saving? Wow! Sounds like millionaire bootcamp by Enemy of Debt.

Summer Reading Activities and Reading Lists– Great reading lists and printable rainy day activities.

Stay Cool in the Summer: 5 DIY Popsicles by ImpusleSave- My favorite is the Oreo! Yum.

More Summer Frugalness

Great Summer Reading for Your Summer Solstice Weekend by Young Cheap Living

BBQ on a Budget– Grill + Meat by the pool is my idea of a good summer day. (no offense my veggie eating readers-tofu burgers too!)

6 Tips to Rockin’ Yard Sales This Weekend– I love a good bargain and the trill of finding something I need at a garage sale. Great tips and funny article from Budgets are Sexy.

10 Cheap Summer Dates in Los Angeles– In Los Angeles and on a budget, no problem!

What are your summer plans? What frugal summer tips do you have? 

Photo credit Leap Kye (Creative Commons)

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  • AverageJoe

    Cool posts! Awesome that you were an escort runner. I think that’ll be a memory that lasts forever.

  • I heard ice cream trucks in the east are having a shortage of some good humor items. I’ve never really bought much from an ice truck though. I bet it was cool running with the Olympic torch even if you weren’t carrying it.

    • oh man! Hard to run an ice cream truck with out ice cream.

  • Thanks for the mention!

  • krantcents

    Some good reads for these hot summer days! I plan on getting back in condition this summer, write a lot and get a new(er) car.

  • Very cool summer round-up! The popsicles look good! That is SO cool that you were an escort runner. I’m a runner myself so that is a pretty sweet accomplishment.

    • Yeah the torch was right there in my face, but I couldn’t touch it. Maybe someday. The 3 torch runners were some fireman hero, an Olympic medal winner from the 60’s (can’t remember) and one other dude who must have done something cool.

  • J. Money

    Awesome! I’d love to run w/ the torch too – sounds like fun 🙂

    • It was a blast, especially since I was just 18. I got some Olympic memorabilia like a special edition Olympic Coke bottle