Warren Buffett, Facebook IPO, & Friday Money Thoughts

Brent Pittman —  05/18/2012


Mark Zuckerberg caricature

By the time you read this Facebook shares are flying off the shelf, the dust has settled from another Berkshire-Hathaway meeting, and I’ve got more Friday money thoughts!

Enjoy your weekend and join us next week for Small Business Week series of posts.

Facebook IPO

Facebook’s initial public offering (IPO) is today and should be around $38 a share. If you are awake today, that is all the news is going to talk about.

A lot of people at Facebook are going to be instant Millionaires. They should read how I would spend the lottery–a successful IPO is basically the same thing.

Berkshire-Hathaway 2012 Meeting (Warren Buffett’s Holding Company)

One day I hope to have a meeting credential to a Berkshire-Hathaway meeting that ended on the 5th. One slight problem, I’m going to need to own a share of BRK-A, only 120K per share at the time of writing.

My wife wants to own a share someday, so I plan to make her happy. 🙂 Here are some results of the meeting:

Friday Money Thoughts

  • What would happen if we had to pay for our mistakes?- great article by Travis I’m Not Paying for Your Mistakes, Even if You’re Only 13
  • With the oncoming of the digital wallet, what will homeless people do if we live in a cashless society? Will handouts be given by bumping phones with the guy on the corner?
  • Along the same lines, are Barista making less money since many pay with cards? I hardly ever have cash to tip anymore.
What are your money thoughts this week? 

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  • Thanks for the mention!

    Interesting how the Facebook IPO ended just abut as it was priced.

    • At this point, no telling what the price will do. No doubt I own a few shares within my mutual funds by now.