Unexpected Financial Issues

Brent Pittman —  02/06/2012

Life is full of unexpected financial issues isn’t it? They just come out of nowhere and all seem to happen at the same time. We’ve been reminded recently the reason we have an emergency fund and savings for annual  expenses. We’re also reminded about all the time it takes to just do simple financial tasks and the ever changing financial rules enforced upon us.

The Car (1997 Honda Civic) Hit us Hard:

  • Registration- $87
  • Smog check before we could register the car-$50.95
  • Car service and oil change so we could pass the smog check and get the ‘check engine’ light turned off.-$117
  • Parking Ticket- Thank you confusing signs and LA meter maids! $65
  • Car Repair-Starter went out and had to be replaced. $259.71
  • Total= $579 extra expenses to keep ‘Little Sippy” on the road.

Thankfully we did have the money saved up for car repairs and were able to float a bit also.

This Months Random Headaches

  • Apparently I owe taxes to the City of Los Angeles for my small business. Who knew they had a business tax? Apparently the IRS or state of California talks to the city.
  • My old 401k I left with old employer is changing their rules and fees (it was to my advantage to leave it with them, which is a rare case). Basically I need to move my 401K to an IRA quick.
  • Our “free checking” is also changing rules and wanting to charge us $8 a month to keep the account open. This isn’t going to fly, so we’ve got to find other options to smuggle our money into our online bank.
These task will undoubtedly taken many hours to accomplish and will take time away from earning money and spending time with the family.

What unexpected financial headaches have you dealt with recently? 

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  • Thomas Jensen

    Jeez, misery loves company. I have the same issue with car ownership – it’s a money drain, yet a necessary asset. I’m surprised you left your 401(k) with your old employer – I would have rolled that over immediately. Most 401(k)’s have the employer as fiduciary … not my cup of tea … I’d rather be in charge of it.

    • Normally I would have moved also as I have all the other times, but it was a killer plan with Vanguard that I couldn’t get on my own. I’ll be moving it soon though.