Helpful Tools


What’s in Your Financial Toolbelt? Credit shiny red type.

We all need tools to help us along our financial tools. Below are helpful tools that will help you along the way.


Planwise– “Planwise is a tool that helps you see how any combination of income, spending & debt will look in the future. You can simulate virtually any life event or plan.”- Planwise website

Mint is a great place to begin tracking and organizing your finances. You’re able to create a budget and track your expenses on your mobile device too.

Legal Forms

We all need legal forms from Wills to incorporating your business into a LLC.

I use Rocket Lawyer and U.S. Legal Forms for my legal documents. Compare each to decide which is best for you.

Blogging and Social Media

These are tools that I have or plan to use for blogging and running social media campaigns.

WordPress is the only way I would run a website or blog.

HootSuite is a tool I use to organize my Twitter feeds, schedule tweets, and see cool analytics.

HootSuite: Social Media Dashboard