Ticker-Tape Parades (take time to celebrate)

Brent Pittman —  02/20/2010

Ticker-Tape Parades.  What are they, why did they start, and what’s the big deal?  Seems they started in NYC with a spontaneous  celebration of the  Statue of Liberty coming to town in 1886.  It continued into more planned parades and events like World Series winners, VJ Day, and major political figures coming to town.  They used of course the ticker-tape from stock machines and then just paper waste; remember dot matrix printers?  For more of a history see TIME.

So what?  Well, do you ever celebrate victories or milestones in your life?  Have you ever had a ticker-tape parade for your self or thrown one for a friend or loved one?  What if you had your own celebration ceremony for a job well done.  I remember a friend and mentor telling me to take time to celebrate the small victories or I’ll go through life not celebrating at all.  So take some time and celebrate a recent goal or event either big or small.  If we don’t take some time to throw some paper out a window and yell, then what fun is there in life?  Celebrate.

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