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Brent Pittman —  12/10/2011

Thanks for being part of the community at On Target Coaching! Thanks for RSS, commenting, Re-tweeting, and supporting me. Occasionally I’ll be writing posts to YOU, the readership and community of On Target Coaching, with how the Blog Life is going.

I blog and/or read blogs every day. It’s the Blog Life. This was my first Monday-Friday week of full time blogging and coaching as the previous weeks have been holidays and traveling.

There is a learning curve for working at home, especially when your spouse also works from home and takes care of your cute son. These are some things I’ve learned these past few weeks:

  • I need to get out of the house. I worked a few hours outside the home and got a lot done. It was good for both me and my wife’s sanity. I also got a lot done and had some good coffee.
  • I need to take time and focus on my wife. With all the recent changes, I need to make sure there is uninterrupted time where we can be alone and talk (not about $ or the businesses).
  • I really like writing and growing my business. A friend commented that I am much happier now that I’m self-employed. I think they’re right! I’m ruined for life.
If you have any suggestions for how I can improve your experience, let me know below in the comments or via Twitter @ontargetcoach or Facebook

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