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Today we pause to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Who was he?

Dr. King didn’t just accept the world as it was, but strove forward to make changes and stand up for injustice. Our world is different because of his words. Listening to him still brings me inspiration.

Being a native from Alabama, I have connections to Dr. King and his legacy. Our family knew people who marched with Dr. King and I’m sure we knew people who hated Dr. King when they were young.

Unfortunately racism and injustice still exist in our world, but there are new ‘dreamers’ in each generation. Are you one of them?

Take a few minutes to listen to a few of his most famous speeches. Remember how Martin Luther King, Jr. helped to spark a movement of change and also started a legacy of dreamers.

Do you have a “Dream” that can change society or the world?  Share in the comments below.