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Typical Hipster in NYC

These days hipsters are everywhere. There are a few I’d even consider friends (yes, geeks and hipsters can get along).

I remember a time I didn’t know what a hipster was. Wait you don’t know either or want to be a hipster just because it is deck (cool)? That’s just stuff hipsters say.

Hipsters gotta earn money and budget too. Here are some Hipster tips for your finances.

Side Hustle Like a Hipster

  • A typical hipster income might be from graphic design, jewelry design, or anything with design in the name. Need a guide to finding a hipster job?
  • You could also make some side money from the chicken eggs you harvest in your Brooklyn apartment or sell homegrown organic vegetables. Those DINKS Uptown will pay a bundle for your organic goods!
  • Protest for pay. I see those ads on craigslist all the time…I wonder if they are a scam?
  • Be a tourguide of Williamsburg, Broooklyn (home of hipster) to out of town hipsters.
  • Paid reviews of music and books. Trick is you have to hate everything not mentioned on Pitchfork.
  • Sell something at a farmers market. Make it, grow it, knit it, and then sell it at 200% markup at a Farmers Market no one has ever heard of. Deck!
  • Make your own home brew or roast your own coffee beans. Organic and Fair Trade of course. Take out an ad in the Brooklyn Vegan and you’re set.

Budget Like a Hipster

There are certain items that must be included in a hipster’s budget.   Here are a few:

  • Home brewing equipment. PBR is so 2011.
  • Yarn for knitting your own I-pad covers.
  • Clothing is such a large percentage of hipsters budget that each clothing item gets its line item: Fedoras, scarves, shoes, vintage T-shirts, skinny jeans, new shoes that look old, flannel shirts, big watches, handmade jewelry, hipster glasses, etc.
  • Counseling because they are being labeled as a hipster and can’t deal with being put in box.
  • Yearly Airfare to Williamsburg to soak up the essence of hipster and eat at the hipsterest places on the planet.
  • Tattoos– Better save up for that full sleeve tattoo…it’s gonna cost you.
  • Indie Music and Shows– Rare music is going to cost you, especially when you’ll have to ditch your favorite band once 5 other people like them. Oh yea. you’ll need a lot of dough for vinyl.
  • Vintage Bike repair. Your beach cruiser will need some fixing from time to time. How about a new basket to hold your vegetables from the farmers market?
  • Apple- no not the ones you eat, but you’ll need to save up for the latest Apple products in order to stay hipster. A Blackberry is so 1%.
  • Bail- You’re going to protest and probably get arrested sometime this year. Go ahead and save up for that bail $.
  • Food- Hipsters don’t eat. They only drink coffee and nibble on organic vegetables. Meat is out of the question, a very frugal move indeed.

Hopefully you’ll find these funny and I don’t get flamed from the hipster community. Hipsters, I’m secretly jealous I’m not as cool as you. If you really want to know how to budget please read my How to Budget Like a Pro Series.

Help ensure this article is up to Hipster Standards. Any suggestions or additions to my lists are welcome in the comments below. 

Photo cred Joel Bedford