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New Year Resolutions

New year resolutions. I’ve never been a fan. I don’t keep them because I don’t make them. I don’t make them because I don’t keep them either.

New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~Mark Twain

Most new year resolutions are about how to loose weight and how to manage your money. Why is that? Probably because Americans and Brittans spend and eat too much.

We all need improvement and a new year is a great chance to make these changes.

Make Goals for the New Year

2014 is almost over and you want to change. You want 2015 to better than 2014. Twenty Fourteen has been a tough year for many of you economically, relationally, spiritually…in short its be hard and you’re tired of crying, going backwards, and being hurt. It can be a better year.

This year make goals instead of resolutions. You might have heard this before, but have you actually done it? Have you taken the time to sit down and actually write down goals?

If you choose not to make goals, then you are actually choosing not to achieve and be better. Not deciding is a decision.

5 Easy Steps for Goal Setting

  1. Get away to to a quiet place with a pen and paper or use your I-pad if you are techie for a few hours.
  2. Reflect on the past year. Read a journal (aka your Facebook page), look at your pictures, and journal about the past years pain and triumphs.
  3. Pray (talking and listening) and think about what you need to change. This might included adding or subtracting things, people, or activities.
  4. Write down those things that you are going to change. Yes, write them down and put them in a place where you’ll see them every day. *Bonus Make your Goals SMART
  5. Tell a friend who’ll keep you accountable and help you reach that goal.


S- Specific 


A- Attainable

R- Realistic

T- Time Bound

Action: Write your goals and share with a friend or you can share below in the comments. Happy New Year!

(Photo by Rob & Jules)

Thick Book vs. I-phone

What if you read the thickness of this I-phone every week?

I just read a chapter from a book while eating lunch. Who cares!? Well, if I continue doing this for even 300/365 days that will be 300 chapters; possibly twenty-five books consisting of 12 chapters.

Wow! Twenty-five books?  You can practcially get a new degree or become a pro at a specific topic with that type of reading; considering you read nonfiction books of course.

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Each year my wife and I go on a retreat to establish our yearly goals. We usually get away from the normal routine and go to a new location or new city.

Why do we do this? At first I didn’t really understand about goal setting, but my wife really encouraged us to set goals. My reasoning for not setting goals was that I am just a driven person and have a daily checklist of items that need to get checked, so I’m always moving forward. The thing was that I wasn’t always moving forward in any specific direction.

So we now set goals and I’ve really come to enjoy this weekend of prayer, reflection, talking about life, and setting family and personal goals. It is so fun to go over the previous years goals and see what you’ve accomplished. Also, each month throughout the year we look at our goals briefly to see if we’re on track.

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