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It is fairly simple.  Income-Expenses=Net Worth.  Of course you can get much more complicated with exceptions and additions; especially if you are Goldman Sachs hiding money.  Debt would be included in the expenses of course.  You can expend a lot of energy reducing debt and watching your spending habits.

But there is another side of this equation…Your INCOME.  If you have a big shovel, then you can dig out of a big hole.  That is ‘down home’ talk for if you have a large income you can pay off a big debt fast.

If you are in debt and or desire to build wealth (so you can give it away later and do some good in the world).  You might want to make some money and even have fun doing it.  So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Some great resources for finding jobs and start doing what you love can be found through Dan Miller (Affiliate Link).  He has written several books No More Mondays, and 48 Days to the Work You Love.  They will jump-start the way you think about work and assisting you in finding work that is really play.

So work on your math.  Get a bigger shovel, decrease your hole, and get to work!

Action: How can you increase your income?