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My First Jobs

Brent Pittman —  10/20/2011

Chopping wood is tough work!

I’ve had a lot of jobs throughout the years doing a variety of tasks. These jobs have helped me to identify with a lot of different groups of people and appreciate work, hard work. I wanted to compile a list of jobs and tasks that I’ve done for money, so one day my kids will ask me “Dad you really did ______?”

I will smile, nod, and explain about how people used to order food at restaurants from real live people. I’ll explain what the mall is and how teenagers used to work there in mass. (Amazon will replace the mall soon no doubt).

Here is my list of paid jobs & tasks starting back in the beginning to the end of college.

  1. Shoveling horse poop out of stalls.
  2. Raking leaves.
  3. Pool cleaner
  4. Chopping wood.
  5. Mowing grass.
  6. Babysitting. (yes, I did do this a few times)
  7. Painting Houses-I painted houses in the summer  during high school. This skill has been used many times to make a quick buck. I even painted again when my dad began his painting company Southeast Painting in Nashville, TN.
  8. Shoe Salesman- Al Bundy would have been proud. I sold baby Jordans by the dozens my senior year of high school.
  9. Bus-boy, Server, dishwasher, kitchen helper- I worked crazy hours after graduating from high school to save up for my second car at Outback Steakhouse. It worked and I bought my Geo Metro that got me through 4 years of college. Continue Reading…