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My wife is amazing.  She takes care of the house, raises our child, and runs a graphic design business.  Last week she had three design projects going and still was able to complete an laundry list of task, which also included our actual laundry.  She’s a home economist and controls most of the outgo of our budget as she does the shopping.

How does she do it and still stay in budget?  For starters, she makes a menu before she goes shopping.When I come home asking, “Honey, what’s for dinner?” There is the answer in front of my face on the fridge.  It’s also useful to keep the old menus to plan future meals. After making the menu she makes her shopping list, which is also on the fridge.  When we need something, it gets put on the list.

I have learned to put stuff I want (like honey bears) on the list or there is no chance I will get it.  If our budget for the week doesn’t allow, then the item gets bumped to the next week.  So to sum it up, my wife is amazing and organized.  Without her hard work, we’d eat Ramon Noodles, wear dirty clothes, and be over budget.  Thank you!

Our Grocery list. Household goes on the right side and Food goes on the left side.

Our Menu for the past few weeks.