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Writing a check hurts...especially when you have to write "thousand"

Today I went to the bank today for a simple task.  I needed to order more checks.   You know what those are right? They are made of paper and represent the money that you have in a bank account.  By writing a check, money can be transferred from my account to yours (as long as the money is there).  Some of you may have never seen one and other might have ditched using them altogether.


So I went inside the bank and wasn’t sure who to give my reorder slip to.   The branch manager was milling about and told me I could do it online.  That wasn’t much help, since I was already in the bank and I just wanted to get it done.  She offered to help me and as I sat down, informed me that it would be $22.00 for a new box of checks.

So much for my “free checking”.  She then proceeded to laugh at me and say no one uses paper checks anymore and why didn’t I use their online check writing system.  My response: I am debt free and my system works for me.  I can’t believe she laughed at me, but then again I bet she doesn’t have many people tell her that they are debt free either.

10 Reasons Why I like Writing Checks:

  1. It hurts.  Writing out One Thousand dollars and 0/100 cents really registers as pain.  Ouch!
  2. I don’t trust online to pay and send my bill.  I figure it’s my bill, my responsibility, and I’m the one who’ll be in trouble if the check doesn’t arrive on time.
  3. Writing out a check makes me stop and think about where our money is going; helps me to slow down.  This is just a way to really evaluate if this purchase is important to us.
  4. It is a connection to our money.  I don’t really get to see our money that often anyway.  It’s just some numbers on a screen or bank statement most of the time.  Writing a check is just one step closer to that hard-earned cash.
  5. It connects me to our ancestors.  People have been writing checks for a long time.
  6. Writing a check somehow has an association with adulthood and being responsible.
  7. I get to practice my signature.
  8. I love writing in that little memo spot.  I like to be creative.
  9. Sending and receiving checks in the mail is still gets me giddy with excitement, especially when they’re inside birthday cards!
  10. It’s one of the few times I get to write the date anymore.
(Photo by David Goehring)