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Have you been scammed? Credit sashafatcat.

This is a quick consumer alert to look for on your cell phone bill. You do look at your phone bill occasionally right? I’m sure many have this on auto pay and don’t think a thing about it–that is just what companies like CullZum are counting on.

I hate being scammed or tricked into paying for services I didn’t apply for. I just happened to notice the cellphone bill was higher than usual and that is when I noticed a $9.99 concierge subscription service to CellZum (no I won’t be linking to them). I really have no idea what service Cell Zum provides, if any, nor do I care.

I do care that they charged an unsolicited charge onto our phone bill. According to an AT&T rep CellZum texts your phone and if you don’t text them back to stop the service, then they assume you wanted their service? What? To me that just bottom of the pond scum. I hope the FCC and phone companies crack down on this practice.

Thankfully AT&T was helpful and credited this amount, cancelled this subscription, and blocked such services from doing this again.

AT&T enabled our parental controls and set “Content Filter is Off and Purchase Block is On” I would suggest you do the same and also check page 2 of your AT&T mobile bill for any odd subscriptions.

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Have you ever had an unsolicited charge on your phone bill?