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A woman walked into a bank and told the teller “Your ATM ate my budget!” The teller just laughed and asked how.

“You see-I never planned on all those $20 withdrawals, but you see I needed them.” “Can you do anything about my fees?”, she asked.

The teller became a little more serious and pulled up her account. It showed 13 ATM withdrawals for the month; 11 over the 2 withdrawals allowed.

This amounted to $27 in overdraw fees (9 x $3). Plus she used out of network ATM’s on seven different occasions which amounted to another $21 in fees (7 x $3). The teller explained she had a total of $48 in fees that he couldn’t reverse.

The woman was now $48 over her budget in fees, not to mention the $260 she had withdrawn. The ATM had indeed eaten her budget.

Think this is just some story?

This is an excerpt of a guest post I wrote at Money Talks. Read the full article here