Stolen I-Phone

Brent Pittman —  04/21/2010

So my I-phone was stolen the other day…long story, but I did get to meet several officers from the LAPD.  They were very helpful and went way beyond my expectations.  So beyond loosing all my info on the phone and frustration, here I am without a phone.

AT&T is no help (forget their customer service), Apple is a little more helpful, but they can’t help out that much…I mean I just lost a $500 phone ($200 with contract).  So my options are limited.  Renters insurance isn’t worth reporting since my deductible is too high.  I’m not willing to fork over the cost of replacing the phone (it’s not really an emergency, so I can’t use my emergency money), but that I-phone has become a crutch.  GPS, emails, games..etc.

So thanks to some friends, I have an old phone that I can hook up for a few months till I save up for the I-phone G4 So really my only lesson I’ve learned is don’t buy expensive toys, unless you’re willing to have them taken from you in an L.A. mugging.

**Update. The thieves were apprehended and ended up getting probation and sending me small checks for the rest of their life until it totals $500. 

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