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Brent Pittman —  03/03/2010

I have registered my DBA “On Target Coaching” and am now running ads in a local newspaper for 4 weeks before I can be “official” and get a bank account.  Today I feel official already as I have received my first junk mail to my business.  I was a slightly happy at first when my wife told me, but now I’m just laughing.  It makes me realize that you really need to know your target audience before you just do a mass mailing.  One piece of junk mail is for a credit card machine….really!? Someone is really trying to sell a financial coach a credit card machine?  I do not advise anyone to use credit, but to actually wean them off credit completely.  I am trying to figure out a way or program that will allow me to accept ONLY debit cards.  So today, my first piece of junk mail…I expect a phone call with a voice recording trying to sell me something any minute, but they will probably wait until I sit down for dinner.

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  • Mass-mailing is almost by definition non-targeted.

    If you like, I could start spamming you make you feel like even more of a businesses man. 🙂