Review of Huggies Rewards Code Program: Hacking Huggies

Brent Pittman —  03/04/2013
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Take advantage of Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Codes. Credit foshydog.

We’ve been diapering our child for a couple of years and I’ve occasionally purchased diapers from Huggies, though hopefully he’ll be potty trained soon.

Inside is a yellow tag with a Rewards Code, yet I’ve always ignored it since I was only interested in a finding a clean diaper.

Finally, I did a little research after realizing we’ll buying a lot of diapers (Free Diaper Estimate Tool) and signed up to become a Huggies Rewards member and started diving into the rabbit hole of Huggies reward code hacking.

How to Sign up for Huggies Rewards Points

Sign up is easy. Ask a friend for an invitation so they can earn extra points and show you their tricks.

In case your plea for help on Facebook was ignored, you can always sign up at

You’ll need a valid email address and have to enter in basic information. Read their Terms if you have more details about their program.

Opt of of newsletters if you don’t desire to be spammed too much (You can change this option later in your profile should you forget).

How to Earn Huggies Codes

By signing up you’ll receive 10 points 50 points to get started.

Other ways to earn Huggies points:

1. The easiest way is to enter reward codes from your Huggies products on

Enter from Rewards and Offer Codes

Enter from

2. Refer friends- You’ll have to send them an invitation via email, but you can earn extra points quick if you’re not afraid to “Mary Kay” your email list. See details.

3. Review products at Thought those reviews were bought? Yep they were, but you can cash in points by reviewing products too.

4. Earn Offer Codes- Offer codes may be found in various ways on baby products or on the web. You’ll have to keep a sharp eye out to earn these bonus codes. I’ve never used them personally, but Huggies said they offer them occasionally on through the Facebook page for Huggies.

5. Read and comment on articles– I haven’t been able to get this function to work yet, but the site claims I can earn points by reading articles and commenting.

Earn Huggies Points Tips

Know of other ways to earn points? Let us know in the comments!

How to Spend Huggies Reward Points

This is the fun part and where they hope to hook you into becoming a lifetime Huggies customer.

1. Sweepstakes– By spending a few points, you’ll be able to enter into sweepstakes for trips, products, and prizes. 

A sample of play to win contests.

A sample of play to win contests.

2. Rewards Catalog

A variety of kid toys, magazines for parents, and other products are available.

You’ll have to buy a lot of Huggies and store away the points in order to redeem these products.

Sample products and point totals.

Sample products and point totals.

3. Donate – This seems like a cool program called Every Little Bottom (Yes, seriously).

If you donate 2 points, Huggies will donate 1 diaper to Feeding America. 16 points is suggested to diaper 1 child for an entire day.

Final Thoughts on Huggies Enjoy the Ride Reward Program

Consciously I realize that rewards programs goals is to lock me into their brand, so I  am by no means 100% loyal to Huggies or will begin using only Huggies brand diapers.

Subconsciously, though I’m sure it may play into my decision making process as my gaming mentality desires to accrue more points to redeem free products and enter sweepstakes.

It seems a huge investment of time and energy, yet could pay off with free instant wins and an occasional prize from the catalogue.

At the very least you’ll be able to donate your points to help others diaper their little ones.

Do you participate in the Huggies reward program? What tips do you have for earning points? 

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  • Mackenzie S.

    Here’s my problem, and if anybody could help me I would gladly appreciate it… I entered in a code and got I think 12-15 points. and by the time I entered in my third code, I got 2 points for the same product. I haven’t seen anything on huggies reward program about it but I did see something on another reward site that it rewards based on quanity and frequency bought (explaining why my third code had netted me 2 points) has anyone found the best frequency to enter codes? I know it may be a pain but I’m trying to get the most points for my money spent.

  • Juliana

    I have a couple of yellow tags I just started ripping them off but I’m so lost in the offers code? How do I find that!!? Please answer ! Everytime I type in the rewards code I also need the offers code? That I do not know where to find? I keep looking at the box n bags of diapers but i do not know where exactly to look

    • Juliana,
      Unless they’ve changed the program (our son is now potty trained) you only needed the rewards codes. Let me know if there have been changes in the program, so we can share and update the info.

  • Lilabean

    I had two kids in diapers last year. I accrued massive amounts of the yellow tags. I finally got around to putting in codes one day and realized I had enought points for the $50 amazon gift card. It was like Christmas in July! I’m a fan of Huggies Rewards. You just have to save points and wait to use them when a good deal comes along. Sad they don’t seem to redeem for free diapers anymore.

    • That’s great! I have a few points left over, I’m going to try and use them for the contests before they expire.

  • Joanna

    Last year when my daughter was 1, I earned enough points to get her an adorable butterfly tunnel. Today I entered in 600 more points, but found the catalog to be lacking toys! Just a bunch of subscriptions to magazines that I don’t have time to read anyway. Hopefully they will add some toys soon! Otherwise I was really happy with the program.

    • I’ve heard a lot about that tunnel. Our son is now potty trained, so I’m just using the points to enter contests now.

  • Megan

    Note that the points do expire… I just found out the hard way today. All that religiously entering codes only to have them ripped out of my account. Guess my kids won’t be getting a “butterfly tunnel”! LOL

    • Did you try to email their customer service? Long shot, but maybe they could restore them.

  • Victoria

    You end up paying way more than the prizes are worth. I saw something I wanted for my DD and it would have cost me almost double the price to earn it with the points. Unless you buy a lot of Huggies products, I’d say it’s a waste of time. I donate my points on the rare occasion I buy Huggies brand thing.

    • Not sure what you mean. The points are free when I happen to buy Huggies.

      • Jill Flinton

        I think she means that the cost to purchase the diapers (to get thecodes) is more than the cost of the toy.

  • Maria

    were can i find the offer code to get huggies points.?

    • I just find them in the box of diapers or wipes.

      • Karen

        Are those the rewards codes or offer codes .because I’m having the same problem . Plz help me

        • I was referring to reward codes, offer codes can be found on the Huggies Facebook page.

  • MommyofZs

    I religiously rip those yellow stickers out of every box of wipes or diapers, however, I have yet to enter a code in online. DS is 17months. Maybe I’ll get to it after stalking your articles. Lol.

    • thanks for reading! Let me know if you win anything.

      • CArmen

        Does anyone know where the offer codes are?

        • I just asked Huggies and updated my post. See their response from Twitter.