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Brent Pittman —  10/25/2011

R.V. Lego StyleRetirement is outdated. It is time to retire retirement. These are my thoughts as I enter into my 33rd  34th year of life and at least my 21st year of working. I had a lot of jobs growing up. I’m not sure that I ever want to retire. The thought of moving to Florida and riding around a golf cart hitting the greens, just doesn’t sound appealing. The vocation that I choose must have meaning beyond mere monetary gain. Why do something that doesn’t help others and also make the world a better place? I must believe in the product I’m selling or the service that I’m offering or else my soul will begin to wither.

Retirement is a byproduct of times when our parents and grandparents worked one job their life with one company and then after 35 years “retired” from the service of their company. Times have changed and we will now have several careers and multitudes of jobs within those said careers. My generation can’t even get retirement correct.

My Generation Doesn’t Understand the Concept of Retirement

How many times did Michael Jordan retire? He didn’t even know what sport to play for a time.  Don’t get me started on how many times Brett Favre retired. The retirement age for drawing social security keeps moving too. Our generation doesn’t know what retirement is about. Yet when we go to an investment professional they ask us “When do you want to retire?”. Wrong question!

Ask me what my goals and dreams are and how much money do I need to achieve them? When do I want to be financially free to volunteer full time? The language has meaning. I don’t want to be put out to pasture when I’m 60+. It is at those times that I’ll have the most knowledge plus the wisdom to act on that knowledge than ever before.

Why shouldn’t I start a company when I turn 60? “Siri, email, text, or hologram me, remind me when I’m 60 to start a new company.” Done.

Why not do something now that will help others and also be fulfilling? Why wait till I am at retirement age. Why not now?


What are your thoughts on retirement?

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