Resignation Letter – Turned in Two Weeks Notice, Now I’m an Entrepreneur

Brent Pittman —  11/11/2011

I did it. I turned in my two weeks notice and as of this post I am now fully self-employed. Yes, you heard me right, I quit my job during the recession.

It feels good to be moving towards a vocation that will be more in line with my passions and where I’ll be able to help more people. I can now devote all my days towards financial coaching and blogging.

This move is a bit scary. I will now be 100% self employed with a wife and kid. There will no longer be paychecks coming in every few weeks that we can count on. What we can count on is that the bills will still keep showing up in our mail box and inbox.

The greatest part is that we have the choice and freedom to do this based on our past decisions. We have been living on one income for more than 1 year. We’re debt free with a good sized emergency fund. We both have side businesses that have produced incomes and blogs to support them. This has set us up to make such a move not as risky.

This is hardest on my wife as she has been perfectly happy with being a stay at home mom and graphic designer. Now, I’ll be home every day rearranging her schedule. It will be a whole new schedule in fact and one that will hopefully bring our family closer together. We plan on doing several projects together that will generate income and can replace my previous paycheck.

I hope you’ll journey with us on this adventure of Entrepreneurship.

(Photo by Timsnell)

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