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Brent Pittman —  10/31/2013

PrintThe following is a guest post by Jil Dasher from Rave Ministries. They have a cool movement called No Makeup November that is motivating women to realize where their true beauty lies. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter

“All beautiful you are, my darling, there is no flaw in you” Song of Solomon 4:7

True Beauty

At Rave Ministries we truly believe that this scripture speaks volumes into the depths of what exactly this campaign is meant to stand for. It is a “call to arms,” so to speak, to remember THE ONE who gave us life, THE ONE who gave us worth, and it is because of Him and through Him that we are able to see ourselves through the eyes of Christ.

Our hearts desire is that this campaign will speak to the hearts of women and men in every walk of life all over the world.That for one month kids, teens, mothers, and grandmothers will relish every opportunity possible to see the true beauty that God has breathed in them.

This beauty has no age barrier. This beauty is not limited by skin type. This beauty is not measured by ones ability to cover a “blemish” or the quality of makeup that their pocketbooks allow them to buy. It is our hope that women everywhere can see themselves as a true masterpiece intricately and purposefully woven together by the Creator of the universe.

No Makeup November

This campaign in no way is an anti-makeup campaign, because let it be known that it is not the makeup that we are battling. Instead, it is a culture that we are trying to fight. A culture that tells our young girls, mothers, and yes, even grandmothers that they are not close to being good enough. That in order to be of worth you must be physically beautiful, that unless you are a specific size you should be cast out, that the true amount of your worth is based upon one simple yet important factor, ones physical appearance.

So for the next 30 days we will go to war. Every morning when we awake and are tempted to head straight for our makeup bags that we have hidden away in our closets we will think of our Creator. We will hear Him telling us that we are made in His image. The whispers of His Spirit will remind us of our worth and once again we will press on.

When someone asks us if we are feeling okay, due to our possible lack of luster, we will think of Him once again and reply with certainty Absolutely. Day by day as we go through this journey we pray that our focus becomes less based on the fact that we aren’t wearing any makeup and instead focused intently on the lessons that we are learning from the greatest makeup artist of all times, God.

Money and Makeup

So if this doesn’t make you want to dive head first into committing to this campaign then lets talk MONEY. What does money have to do with it? Well, apparently a lot of $. I am talking worldwide somewhere between a $45 to $66 billion dollar industry.

Women in America alone spend an average of $12,000 $1,200 a year on beauty products, WOW! This statistic alone pretty much sums up the battle we are facing in our culture. The way I see it, in these uncertain times taking a month off of makeup is a pretty good idea and a little easier on the wallet

Join Rave Ministries for “No Makeup November” and allow God to paint your face each day with the joy that comes from being a daughter of the King!

“Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain. But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

To learn more about this movement and to stay encouraged during your month without makeup follow No Makeup November on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • 2-copper-coins.com

    This is awesome, I’ve heard of no shave November but that doesn’t really save you any money. I work in youth ministry and I’m passing this on to my students. I will say that my wife is way behind the average spending of $1200 per year, thank goodness.

  • betsymuse

    I have a feeling the amount is $1200 instead of $12,000. Still that is too much and it seems this is about more than just saving money. I do sometimes wear makeup when going out or meeting with clients – but only because it makes me feel a little more put together….just like I put on nicer clothes than I do to sit around the house. I spend less than $100 per year on makeup, though.

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  • Emily @ evolvingPF

    $12k/yr average? I have a hard time believing that unless it includes hygiene products and medical procedures. That’s 50% of my income! A more relevant statistic would be the median spending or percentage of income.

    Personally I don’t wear makeup. *shrugs*

    • True that number seems high, but they could have a broad definition of “beauty products”.