Random Money Thoughts: It’s Getting Cold Edition

Brent Pittman —  01/09/2013
Sandals in Snow

Flip Flops won’t work in Oklahoma’s winter. Credit jypsygen.

How’s the weather? Cold eh? Yep, winter is here in full force.

Since we’ve moved from sunny SoCal to Oklahoma we’re experience winter for the first time in decades. We’ve also discovered we’re ill equipped with winter clothes and need to stock up on fuzzy sweaters and long underwear.

No more wearing flip flops in January either 🙁

I’ve also driven in the snow more times in a decade and almost got our Civic stuck in several inches of mud on Oklahoma’s dirt roads.

I’ll defrost more random money thoughts that might be fun to talk about. Huddle up and stay warm! See you in the comments.

Random Money Thoughts and Questions

  • If the debt ceiling is raised, do they expand the walls of the house too?
  • What if the media was taxed for every story that invoked fear and kept people from investing in the market? (myself included)
  • What if financial experts had to post their net worth every month to qualify to speak on the news?
  • If I sold everything I owned, how much money could I end up with?
  • What is the ratio of scammers to real people on Craigslist?
  • Do I value money or time more?
  • Should I invest or blow my Christmas money?

Got an answer to any of my questions or a random money thought of your own? 

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  • Kim

    too PF

  • Kim

    Random question from my five year old today, “Mommy, which would you rather have, money or air? ” Am I getting a little to PF at home?

  • krantcents

    It is definitely colder than the temperature may indicate thanks to humidity. Here is a quote I like, “The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money” (anonymous).

  • Hah about flip flops… we can always wear them in Florida but sometimes our toes might get chilly! Never assaulted by snow though!

    • Lance, I do miss my sandals…going to have to trade them in for boots I think.

  • Speaking to your third point, I remember some financial show which gave their regular panelists $10,000 imaginary dollars to invest. The premise was they’d make decisions and the show would track their progress as kinda a fun contest. They ended up stopping after a while because all of the people were losing money.

    • Sound like a fun contest! I wonder what % stuck with it.