Random Money Thoughts: Are You Serious?

Brent Pittman —  11/01/2012
old Cash machine

I wonder what these random amounts used to buy?

“Are you serious?”, I thought as I walked through Costco weeks before Halloween. Before my eyes was an isle of Christmas trees and other bits of Christmas garbage.

While I’ve come to expect this sort of marketing, we still had 2 major holidays before Christmas begins. We hadn’t even begun to buy our Halloween candy, before being bombarded with Christmas advertising!

This is my Are You Serious? edition of random money thoughts. I hope you enjoy and share some of your Are You Serious? moments in the comments below.

Are You Serious?

Below are a few other items that had me asking, “are you serious?” these past few weeks.

  • We were almost scammed $9.99 on our phone bill due to random text messages. 
  • Did you know clergy has the option to opt out of Social Security? I wish I could!
  • This one I couldn’t believe. For only $129 plus the price of the kit, you can buy your own DNA Paternity Test Kit! and find out who the baby daddy is. Seriously?
  • Gas prices in California were freakishly high in October. We couldn’t use gas from other states because of our high environmental standards.

Other Web Happenings

These are a few of my other happenings on the interwebs in October. I love that word! interwebs. Go ahead and use it in a sentence.

Top Comments In October

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  • Brett, I like the “are you serious” examples. I was watching HGTV and saw a one bedroom apartment in NYC for 1.6 million bucks. That seems a bit pricey for a one bedroom.

    • That does seem high, though if it’s in Manhattan that’s prime real estate.

  • krantcents

    It seems that holiday shopping is earlier each year! Social Security is great for individuals! You get back more than you paid in. What is bad about that? It is a lousy deal for the U.S. governement and taxpayer though.

    • I figure I could get a better return on my money if I invested it own my own instead of paying into SS

  • maria@moneyprinciple

    What is the reason for clergy to be allowed to opt out of social security? Is it their relationship with a much higher authority?

    • Ha ha. No it originally was for ‘conscientious objectors’. The article explains more.

  • Does your fancy gas help at all? Hopefully it does and isn’t some stupid law that is outdated.

    • It is fancy gas for supposed environmental purposes.