Random Friday Money Thoughts: Post Labor Day Blues

Brent Pittman —  09/07/2012
Thinking Man Rodin

Thinking Man by Rodin. Credit paul m. floyd.

How was your short work week? I could really tell I was missing a day. Summer is over and it’s time to buckle down until Halloween. Let’s get our fall groove on!

The interwebs have been a little sparse with Labor Day and most of the personal finance blogger community in Denver at FinCon. (anyone want to sponsor me for 2013?) Follow on Twitter #Fincon12 if you’re interested.

That doesn’t mean we can have a good time though, right?

Random Money Thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my random money thoughts, so we’re past due.

  • Do rich people really need to budget if they spend frugally? 
  • Don’t grow your business too large so that it’s not fun anymore. The goal is to do what you love while getting paid for it. It’s OK to scale back or keep your business small.
  • Some have a natural tendency towards earning money and making it look easy. I’m not one of those people. 
  • Do I really want to ‘retire‘ early? 
  • Past performance isn’t an indicator of future success. This is true in life and in the stock market. I almost failed a Maco Economics class in college and now I teach people about money for a living.–I’m much better at the micro. 

Feel free to respond in the comments!

Latest Money Moves

  • Switched Roth IRA from one mutual fund family to another. Why? Let’s just say I’m a fan of low cost index funds over managed funds that haven’t had a good run compared to their peers.
  • Started using You Need A Budget (affiliate link for my buddy MoneyPlanSOS) or YNAB for short. I really enjoy this different way of budgeting, but I’m still working out the kinks before I post a review.
  • Started keeping track of my mileage for self-employed taxes at the end of the year. [Deduct Mileage for Self Employment Taxes]
  • I’m starting a stealth project, but it’s hard to not put too much time and energy into it since the project won’t earn money for a bit. It’s going to be fun.

My Writing on the Web

A few articles I wrote have been posts on the interwebs recently. If you don’t mind, click over and shower the articles with comments.

It All Goes Back to the Emergency Fund– featured on American Debt Project.

Lots of Cash? Have a Plan  hosted by the cool kids at PlanWise.

I also write a weekly education column at ABC the Key.

Have you had any random money thoughts recently? 

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  • I love the irony that you did bad in economics but teach people about money for a living. It just goes to show you that a classroom doesn’t cover everything.

    • It was an odd situation where I was a senior and older than the Teachers Assistant who taught the course–he didn’t like questions or being challenged in class. I ended up taking a graduate level economics course and aced it.

  • krantcents

    I am a big fan of low cost mutual funds too. Retiring early (financial freedom) is my single biggest accomplishment and it changed my life for the better. I get to pick and choose what makes me happy vs. just working for wages.

    • I like your term financial freedom rather than the word retirement.

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