Piggy Banks

Brent Pittman —  02/04/2010

Piggy Banks.

Do you remember your first one?

Well, mine wasn’t actually a pig, but a car.  The car was some old antique looking model with wheels that spun around.  You had to take the metal top out to get your stash of goodies.  Mine wasn’t only coins, but also included a few old teeth that had fallen out.

I guess I was saving those too in hopes that they would get more from the tooth fairy if they aged a bit.  I was given this car/piggy bank by the bank when my mom opened some account for me when I was maybe around 10.  I really don’t know the age, but it was before the big tornado on Christmas day.

I read that the oldest piggy bank is 1500 years old  from Indonesia and another theory is that it came from Europe.  Here is an interesting history of the subject.

I kept this car for a long time, even past college.  I’m not sure where it is now, but it taught me to save or maybe I was born a saver.  I’m not sure which came first.  Now we have two piggy banks.  One is a red pig for special trips for my wife and I and the other is an old pink ceramic pig  for pennies.  For me saving is a way of life, like a squirrel has to bury the nuts to prepare for winter.  But, saving without giving has no purpose.  Don’t forget to open that pigs belly now and then and give some away.

(Photo by alancleaver_2000)

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