Passionate Dreamers and Disciplined Robots

Brent Pittman —  12/10/2012

Are you a disciplined robot?

Discipline is tough word. It sounds harsh and rigid. Discipline reminds us of hard work and no fun.

To bring to a state of order and obedience by training and control.

Passion on the other hand sounds much more enjoyable. Phrases like,”Follow your passion.” and “Live your passions” are inspiring.

We must have both passion and discipline for success to be realized.

Passionate Dreamer

Have you met a person who is passionate about a cause or idea? They are just beaming and glowing when they discuss that cause.

You’re sold since their passion is contagious and you want to join the passionate promoter in in…what? What do I do now?

The passionate promoter is a dreamer until they utilize discipline.

Discipline is the harness for our passion and dreams. It gives them feet.–marching orders to accomplish the good we desire to see fulfilled.

Disciplined Robot

Have you met a disciplined person who seems to charge through life and people? Lifeless.

A robot can follow orders programed into them. They execute relentlessly without thought or care for the relationships around them.

If you program your Roomba Vacuum to wake in the middle of the night, it will begin whirring and rolling around your house–despite the fact that you are asleep, it doesn’t care about your beauty sleep.

A disciplined person, void of passion is a lonely robot that destroys relationships and lives an uninspiring life.

When Discipline Marries Passion

There is a beautiful celebration that happens when passion marries discipline.

A dance begins.

Dreams move forward with a plan and action.

Execution of rituals become celebrations of a future reality.

Actions gain meaning and propel the dancer forward.

Dreams become reality. Others are inspired.

A movement is born larger and more influential than the dreamer could ever dream alone.

Discipline + Passion = A Movement

Will you allow the marriage of discipline and passion to occur in your life?

Photo Credit Fred Seibert

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  • John@TheMoneyPrinciple

    I like it.

    I have a lot of passion for particular things but the discipline needs toning up.:-)

    • Same here John. I need to hit the discipline gym!