PrintThe following is a guest post by Jil Dasher from Rave Ministries. They have a cool movement called No Makeup November that is motivating women to realize where their true beauty lies. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter

“All beautiful you are, my darling, there is no flaw in you” Song of Solomon 4:7

True Beauty

At Rave Ministries we truly believe that this scripture speaks volumes into the depths of what exactly this campaign is meant to stand for. It is a “call to arms,” so to speak, to remember THE ONE who gave us life, THE ONE who gave us worth, and it is because of Him and through Him that we are able to see ourselves through the eyes of Christ.

Our hearts desire is that this campaign will speak to the hearts of women and men in every walk of life all over the world.That for one month kids, teens, mothers, and grandmothers will relish every opportunity possible to see the true beauty that God has breathed in them.

This beauty has no age barrier. This beauty is not limited by skin type. This beauty is not measured by ones ability to cover a “blemish” or the quality of makeup that their pocketbooks allow them to buy. It is our hope that women everywhere can see themselves as a true masterpiece intricately and purposefully woven together by the Creator of the universe.

No Makeup November

This campaign in no way is an anti-makeup campaign, because let it be known that it is not the makeup that we are battling. Instead, it is a culture that we are trying to fight. A culture that tells our young girls, mothers, and yes, even grandmothers that they are not close to being good enough. That in order to be of worth you must be physically beautiful, that unless you are a specific size you should be cast out, that the true amount of your worth is based upon one simple yet important factor, ones physical appearance.

So for the next 30 days we will go to war. Every morning when we awake and are tempted to head straight for our makeup bags that we have hidden away in our closets we will think of our Creator. We will hear Him telling us that we are made in His image. The whispers of His Spirit will remind us of our worth and once again we will press on.

When someone asks us if we are feeling okay, due to our possible lack of luster, we will think of Him once again and reply with certainty Absolutely. Day by day as we go through this journey we pray that our focus becomes less based on the fact that we aren’t wearing any makeup and instead focused intently on the lessons that we are learning from the greatest makeup artist of all times, God.

Money and Makeup

So if this doesn’t make you want to dive head first into committing to this campaign then lets talk MONEY. What does money have to do with it? Well, apparently a lot of $. I am talking worldwide somewhere between a $45 to $66 billion dollar industry.

Women in America alone spend an average of $12,000 $1,200 a year on beauty products, WOW! This statistic alone pretty much sums up the battle we are facing in our culture. The way I see it, in these uncertain times taking a month off of makeup is a pretty good idea and a little easier on the wallet

Join Rave Ministries for “No Makeup November” and allow God to paint your face each day with the joy that comes from being a daughter of the King!

“Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain. But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

To learn more about this movement and to stay encouraged during your month without makeup follow No Makeup November on Facebook and Twitter.

Tow Truck Legos

Are your financial goals off track? Credit Ricecracker.

I have noticed that there are certain activities that propel your financial goals, especially in the first 90 days.  The first 90 days are crucial for gaining momentum and establishing success.

When you are in a rut, sometimes it takes drastic measures to get unstuck. These are 10 activities I suggest and have used before to meet financial goals:

1. Unplug the TV and put it in the closet– This will give you more time and will literally unplug the negativity and fear coming from the media. [I don’t Need No Stinkin’ TV]

2. Exercise– Exercising will help you reduce stress and also give you success in your physical life.  As you gain success in one area of life, you’ll gain confidence in other areas. [Pump Iron and Pump Up Your Wages]

3. Help Someone– You may think you have it bad, but find someone who has it worse off than yourself and help them somehow.  It will make you realize that your situation isn’t all that bad, plus you’ll spread hope.

4. Be Thankful– List 3 things you are thankful for each day.  As you practice being thankful in the morning, it will help you to look for positivity throughout the day.

5. Read Positive Books– replace the negativity of the media with books that carry a positive message.  Try reading authors like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Norman Vincent Peale, Dan Miller or other inspirational authors.

6. Pray– Recognizing that God is in control and has a plan is a must.  He wants to carry your burdens and walk with you through your ‘valley of the shadow of death.’

7. Wake up Early-  You ever wonder how the farmer gets so much done? It’s because he wakes up early and starts working before dark.

8. Work Hard- It’s time to sweat and start that business, sell stuff, or pick up that second job. It’s time to get busy.

9. Ask for Help– You can’t do this alone. You need friends and family.  Reach out. Phone home. Dial a friend. Go to church. Ask for help.

10. Make a cup of coffee/tea and sit in silence Sit in silence and enjoy the moment away from you tough situation.

How do you handle tough financial situations? 

money and relationships

Do bills scare you? Photo Credit: SalFalko via Compfight cc

Does money scare you? Would you rather not open up the can of money worms with a family member? What about that pile of bills in your desk drawer that you’re ignoring?

Money and the situations surrounding money can be scary when left unattended for a while. But, when faced with a plan, money can be mastered–instead of money mastering you.

Let’s explore a few issues that could frightens many about money.

Money and Relationships

Relationships are hard enough without adding money to the mix. The desire to keep the relationship in tact is generally the most primary goal–yet this is tough to do.

These few articles may help you address money and relationship issues:

What other money and relationship questions do you have? 

Money and Debt

Debt is one of the most frightening subjects. It is a time when money is literally your master and you are held captive by its grip.

Don’t let this fear immobilize you. Fight back! Respond, and don’t let your fear of the unknown bills rule over you.

Educate yourself and respond with a plan to fight debt.

What scares you about debt? 

Money and the Future

The future is unknown, but it doesn’t have to be scary. You can prepare by mastering the art of budgeting; it takes time, but well worth the effort to take control of your finances and punch fear in the face!

Retirement is also a topic that may have you concerned. Perhaps all you need is a new perspective on work and retirement?

Will you have enough money for the future? How do you prepare now to ensure you won’t be living on the street or a burden on your family in your older years?

These articles address a few common issues with money and future.

Does money and the future scare you? 

Conquer Your Fear of Money

You can do it. Your fear of money can be conquered, but it may time.

Find fellow companions for the journey. Educate yourself about the money issues causing the fear. Pray. Face the facts. Fight.

Have you conquered your fear of money? If not, what money issues are causing fear in your life? 

Do you have trouble determining how future purchases and life events will impact your money? Yeah, me too.

That’s why I use tools like Planwise to help navigate the tricky financial waters. You can even try Planwise on my site.

Planwise Video

Checkout the Planwise blog for more helpful money tips too.


going against the flow

Taking the stairs isn’t normal.

As I exit my vehicle and head towards the entrance of my work each day a strange little dance begins to unfold.

I swipe my security card and head indoors and wind down the hallway where 5 elevators await to whisk me to my desk on the 5th floor.

If I’m fortunate enough, no one will be there waiting on the elevator and I’ll duck around the corner and hit the stairs.

Alas, many days there will be a polite person waiting, hey this is Oklahoma not New York, and they’ll inevitably be holding the elevator for me.

“No Thanks, I’ll take the stairs.” I shout down the hallway to the bewildered polite person holding the elevator.

Taking the Stairs

I’m not sure when I became a stair taker, but I take pride in it. At the mall, stairs (if I can find them). At the airport, I’ll take the stairs in the middle of two inviting escalators.

I’m often annoyed in places like hotels which seem to hide their stairways and have them exiting outside the comfort of the lobby. Why hide the stairs?

I feel as in most places, I’m herded and encouraged to the take the escalator or elevator. I’m lulled into being pushed along the “people movers” at the airports too, instead of walking.

I often feel like cattle with these devices instead of a person with free will–and legs for that matter.

Taking the Stairs is a Daily Choice

calories per stairs chart

Small steps burn calories. Credit @ontargetcoach

It’s easy to take the elevators and escalators in life, yet they don’t make us stronger or give as much satisfaction as taking the stairs.

I burn a good bit of calories by this daily choice too. How much? This chart in our office stairway encourages us to burn the 3,500 calories needed to burn a pound of fat. That’s a lot of stairs!

Taking the stairs is daily choice. With each flight of stairs I’m burning about 4 calories. Not much right? Add that up to a daily average of 8 flights (going up and down in between departments) equals about 32 calories each day.

Weekly 160 calories. Monthly 640 calories. Yearly 7680 calories–Bam!  That’s enough to burn or keep off 2 pounds of fat each year!

Those little steps each day at the office add up to a larger yearly gain.

It Works for Money Too!

The choosing to take the stairs principle works for money too. Think you can’t save much? Save or invest a little each paycheck and see the wonder of compound interest.

Have debt? Apply a little extra above the minimum payments and see that debt start to shrink. Apply even more and that debt will be snowballing down the hill at crazy speeds.

Be Weird and Take the Stairs

Small steps pay off. The hard thing to do is the daily choice to make the effort.

Yes, you’ll be odd by taking the stairs. You risk offending others, having others talk about you, and looking weird by not following the rest of the cattle.

Do it! Apply the “take the stairs” principle to life and you’ll one stepping your way to success.

Try applying this saying literally and figuratively today, “No thanks, “ll take the stairs.”