Our Piggy Banks

Brent Pittman —  10/11/2011

Are you saving for anything? Do you make savings a part of your daily life? I am a saver and I get a little bit of joy each time I deposit a coin in a bank. We have two piggy banks that we are saving our spare change in. The red pig is for “Special Trips” We love traveling and exploring Southern California and this extra change comes in handy. This pig can only be cracked for anniversary trips and birthday trips. Any extra silver coins or extra dollars end up in this pig. You should see us rolling up our change as we prepare to go on trip. It’s like a blast back to childhood. Our other pig is just for pennies.

Piggy Banks

Our Piggy Banks

We haven’t really decided how we’ll spend this ‘Penny Pig’, but he is getting pretty full. Any suggestions on how we might spend this change? Place your comments below and we just might follow your advice.

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