OTC April Update: It’s Been a Big Month

Brent Pittman —  04/28/2012

This month has been big for On Target Coaching (OTC). How big? Bigger than Obama slow jammin the news. Thanks to all my regular readers and visitors!

What has happened this month?

1. I joined the Yakezie Challenge  a few months back and last week (thanks to many of you) OTC dipped below the 200,000 mark and is currently at 179,000ish. As this number keeps dropping it make OTC more appealing to advertisers.

2. OTC has begun to trickle a little income (no profit yet). It’s not much, but some money coming in keeps the writers happy! 🙂

3. OTC added a bunch of awesome RSS subscribers! Thanks for sticking around!

4. Closing in on 200 Twitter followers. My twitter strategy is fairly simple: A) I’m not interested in big numbers. B) I don’t follow or follow back many people. C) I follow only those people who are interesting.

5. My wife and I did a cool video for financial literacy month about “How to Do a Budget Party” and it was mentioned in a Charles Schwab Video as “Tweet of the Week”. Cool!

“Tweet of the Week” Mention on Schwab :60 Seconds in Money™ (Start at 1:26)

Thanks to everyone again for a big month! As always let me know in the comments or contact form if you have suggestions, reader questions you want answered, or just want to say hi.

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  • Awesome month and cool mention in the Schwab video!  How will you top this month?

    • The mention was cool for sure. I just hope people will be helped from the site, anything more is a bonus. 

  • Sounds like a good month for you!

  • Congratulations on the Alexa ranking and on starting to make
    some revenue!  Unfortunately, when I
    tried watching the video, I got an error ??