One Week After The Oklahoma Tornados: The Long Road to Recovery

Brent Pittman —  05/26/2013

OK is HomeHas it been a week already that the tornadoes ravaged central Oklahoma near Shawnee on Sunday and devastated Moore, OK (south of OKC) on Monday?

It has been a long week in Oklahoma. Yet, truly amazing to see the outpouring of of love, prayer, and generosity by locals and those from far away.

Thank you, but realize the recovery has only just begun.

Sunday: Shawnee, OK

I remember just last Sunday evening when we took shelter in the basement of church as the tornado sirens wailed.

I actually had family members speaking in front of the congregation when everyone’s smart phones warned everyone to take cover immediately.

Church service quickly came to a close.

Kids were in the inner closets, while adults huddled around smart phones deciphering where the storm would turn.

In the end the tornado hit just a few miles from the church and where I pass everyday going to my day job.

Monday: Moore, OK

The promise of fresh storms for Monday were being echoed on the news by all the local stations. Their prophecy came true.

An F-5/EF5 tornado hit north of Norman and south of Oklahoma City.

Moore, Oklahoma will never be the same.

The stories of loss and heroism continue to be told as families begin to piece back their new lives. They now have a “new normal”.

A normal without loved ones, without homes, without possessions. A new normal that will always have a twinge of fear when those sires begin to blair.

Their new normal will also include a memory of love, care, and humanity as thousands gave and continue to give to this community.

By God’s grace I pray the community of Moore, OK will again have joyous times in the future.

A Long Road Ahead for Tornado Victims in Oklahoma

It will take years for Moore, Oklahoma to rebuild.

Just look at Joplin, Missouri in which a devastating tornado killed 161 and destroyed 8,000 buildings. Their community is still under construction 2 years later.

Oklahomans, of which I am now one, are thankful for your support, but the fact is Moore will still need it 6 months and 2 years from now.

Take a moment and set a reminder on your calendar for a date in the distant future for Moore, OK.

A reminder to check back with a task, a prayer, an action you could take that could make a difference down the road once the news vans all drive away and the real work begins.

If you’re like me, you’ll forget and do nothing. Decide today to do something when they will need it most: When everyone else forgets.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve set a reminder to do something for the Moore, OK tornado victims in the future (6 months-2 years from now). 

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