My Story

Brent Pittman

I grew up a saver and I knew how to work hard. But, there was a lot about money that I didn’t know. When I learned about Dave Ramsey, I immediately digested the information and lifestyle. It was what I had been looking for: practical steps for dealing with money that are under-girded by sound Biblical principals. I was trained by the Dave Ramsey organization as one of their financial counselors and have helped dozens with their financial situations.

I also know how to help you succeed financially because our family is winning with money. Let me teach you how to do money better!

When I was engaged, my now wife and I began our financial life together by doing a budget for our wedding. We’ve continued doing so every month since and it has strengthened our communication and marriage.

This is one of my specialties: Strengthening marriages by helping couples with their personal finances. This sometimes puts me in the referee role; at other times in the counseling role, and always in the teaching and coaching role. I love to see a marriage flourish when a couple gets on the same page financially. Common topics covered in couples coaching: Goal setting, Relationships and money, Savings, Beating debt, Insurance, Dealing with collectors, Retirement and College savings, and Giving.

My other niche is small business coaching. Helping a business to become sound and viable in the ups and downs of the economy. Common topics covered in Small Business Coaching: Cash flow planning, Debt reduction, Leadership training, Hiring and firing, Goal setting, Business plans, and Decision making. I know how to run a business that is debt free, profitable, and a fun place to work.

I hope this blog will help you on your way to winning with money.

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