Olympic Fever and Rant About #NBCFAIL

Brent Pittman —  08/03/2012
Olympic 2012 Mascot

Yes, this is one of the 2012 Olympic mascots.

Have you got it? Olympic fever is here. I love the summer Olympics and am amazed that we humans continue to break records. It motivates me to press on with my goals. How about you?

If you’ve got cable or access to NBC, then you’re able to watch the highlights live streaming or at night. If you don’t have cable or even a TV, then you’re up a creek.

I’m keeping up by reading articles and old YouTube videos. nbcolympicscom also gives a few old videos, but you need a cable provider that has CNBC and MSNBC to access their streaming or archived items. I don’t.


If you’ve follow twitter, you’ll see this hashtag daily. It’s from people like me who feel lied to. We were told NBC would have live streaming…who knew I had to have a cable subscription to watch?

I don’t have cable or a TV and I’m not alone as millions have cut their cable in recent years. This feels like a middle finger from the Big Networks for cutting cable and using alternatives such as Hulu and Netflicks.

There are alternative ways to watch the Olympics by setting up a VPN and stream from the BBC in UK. This does cost money and a bit of technical nohow. Both of which I’m lacking.

Interesting Articles About the Olympics

Not Much Real Gold in Olympic Medals– The real truth about the precious metal content in the Olympic Medals.

What the Olympics Can Teach us About Expensive Hobbies Man vs Debt expands his message of  Sell your crap, pay off your debt and, by so doing, give yourself flexibility to do what you love.

The Cost of Raising an Olympian  Melissa from Bible Money Matters sheds light on the monetary sacrifices of hopeful Olympians and their families.

You’ve Never Said This About the London 2012 Olympics– Funny video by Andrew Zahn and his wife.

Any thoughts about coverage of the Olympics? You feeling inspired to run a marathon? Share your thoughts below! 

Photo credit Stuart Chalmers (Creative Commons)

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