Objections to Budgeting

Brent Pittman —  01/04/2012

Are you afraid of what's under the bed?

We all have financial monsters under the bed. It is time to face our fears.

Do you have objections to budgeting money? Do you have fears concerning organizing your personal finances?

There are many reasons to avoid budgeting, but are they valid?

I Don’t Need a Budget

I bet a burrito you need a budget.

Budgeting Will Kill My Fun

Did you know that you can budget for fun? It’s true! You can add whatever you want as long as your income will support the spending (and your spouse agrees). So go ahead and put some fun money in the budget!

Budgeting Is Too Hard

While it does take a few months to get the hang of budgeting, the benefits will outweigh the sweat and time you put into the process. I’m also here to help if you have any questions. Contact me.

I’m Afraid of What I’ll Find

Are you afraid of what’s under the bed? If you never look then you’ll never be able to fight those money monsters. Take a peek and begin to tame that dragon.

I Don’t Want to be Put in a Box

When a plan exists for the money, then you have freedom to spend within that plan without guilt.

“With boundaries there is freedom”-D.P.

What other objections do you have about budgeting? Are you ready to stop living in fear? 

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[This is part of my How to Budget Like a Pro blog Series]

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