Teacher Appreciation Week

Brent Pittman —  05/08/2012

Without great teachers in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I had teachers and coaches encourage me, believe in me, and give me a place to belong.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and Tuesday the 8th National Teacher Day.

Just a reminder to thank any teacher’s in your life this week. I just emailed one teacher that is still teaching after all this time. My choir teach in high school, Ms. Mayhall is a legend and has taught thousands of students discipline, love of the arts, and respect of yourself. She has created a community where cool kids, jocks, and nerds (I’ll let you decide which group I was) can interact—very Glee like.

Yes, if you didn’t catch it I was in choir. Show choir for that matter. I’ve got killer  ‘Jazz hands’.

My choir teacher in high school. -thanks Ms. Mayhall!

Did you have a have a teacher that impacted you? Thank them today! 

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