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Brent Pittman —  04/17/2012

Thanks for taking my survey!

I had a money survey up last week and I thought I’d share a bit about the results. If you still want to take it, please do as it will help me learn how to better blog for my readers (that’s you!).

What I Learned About My Readers (those who responded)

1. What is your life stage? Most of you are married and many have children.

2. What financial topics most interest you? The results were 1) Investing 2) Debt 3) Savings/Frugality

3. What is the best piece of financial advice you’ve heard? Here are a few responses:

  • “Don’t incur consumer debt.”
  • “Pay yourself first.”
  • “FICO is an ‘I love debt’ score.”
  • “Budgets take practice.”
  • “Spend less than you earn.”

4. 55% of responders DO have an Emergency Fund of 3-6 months of expenses.

5. 44% has credit card debt.

6. Those who have student loan debt were 66%. 

What Will I do with the Results?

As a result from my learning I plan to focus the next round of articles on:

  • Money and Relationships
  • Money and Kids
  • Investing 101 Series
  • Paying off Debt Series of Articles (Students Loans Included)

If you have additional topic ideas or Reader Questions I can answer, feel free to Contact Me

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