Luncheon with Chris LoCurto in SoCal

Brent Pittman —  08/08/2012

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Today I went to a luncheon (lasagna if you’re wondering) for Dave Ramsey Live Event kickoff for Southern California in October. Are you going?

I got to hang out with family and finance Vlogger Joel Catalan, meet some other local FPU leaders, and hear Chris LoCurto speak.

Who is Chris LoCurto?

Chris has been on Dave Ramsey’s team for 11 years and helped develop the EntreLeadership Training.

He knows a lot about business, money, and relationships so I was pumped to hear him speak since I follow his blog.  You can hear him hosting and speaking on the EntreLeadership podcast too.

What did Chris LoCurto talk about?

His talk was geared toward church leaders to inspire both churches as institutions and as individuals to become debt free.

I took some random notes on Evernote and share a few stats and quotes below:

  • A Survey of 3,500 Southern Baptist pastors said 25% of their  church members have “significant debt”- Life Way
  • 3/4 adults are are trying to increase their financial knowledge due to the recent financial crisis. – Mintel Comperemedia
  • Churches in USA are in $22 billion of debt- Chris
  • 90% of those who divorced in the first 7 years attribuite it to money fights and money problems.- Chris
  • 62% of Americans are retiring on less than $10,000- Chris
  • Only 5% of America tithe. -Barna
  • “You can’t harvest where you haven’t planted.”- Chris
  • “If you don’t have hope, your heart is sick.” – Chris
  • 7 years is average for FPU members to get 100% out of debt including mortgage- Chris
  • FPU members pay off $5300 save $2700 in 13 weeks, that’s an $8,000 change in 13 weeks.
  •  30% of Dave Ramsey Live Event attendees sign up for FPU.
  • Be a broker of hope.

What do you think about the quotes above? I highly suggest reading EntreLeadership (affiliate link) if you’re in business or thinking about starting a business. The book contains practical advice you can start applying today.

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  • Brent, I’m a financial analyst, writer and I love donuts too. So glad I found your site! 🙂

  • AverageJoe

    Some impressive statistics, Brent. Sounds like a great experience.

  • Fascinating stats. Keep us posted. 30% sign up rate is amazing.