Life and Picking Advice From American Pickers

Brent Pittman —  12/12/2012

I’ve become addicted to American Pickers. These guys are digging through barns and finding old gems for antique collectors and museums.

The dust and rust are beautiful. The thrill of the hunt is exhilarating. Negotiating is fierce. The love of history is genuine.

What is Picking?

“Indiana Jones meets Sanford and Son.”

Advice for Life and Picking from American Pickers

This video (sorry no embed available) shows professional picker giving advice for future pickers and could also be applied to life or personal finances.

1. Love what you do. It keeps you going in tough times.

2. Be optimistic.

3. Slow your roll before you buy.

4. Have the cash.

5. Diversify what you know. Don’t get pigeon holed.

6. Never give up!

Picker Lingo Video

Honey Hole- Sweet pick.

Mega Pick- Huge find that has a large volume.

Rusty Gold- an object found in its natural state full of dirt and rust.

Windshield Time- Time spend exploring the back-roads of the USA.

Are you a picker or want to become a picker? 

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  • I am not and would not want to be a picker but I still enjoy the show. It is definitely a lifestyle and you’re not going to get rich doing it.

  • I’ve watched this show – it’s crazy. But like all reality TV shows, there’s probably not a lot that’s truly real.
    I like the advice from the picker about diversifying what you know. That’s applicable to so many fields.

    • It’s on T.V. so it must be true right? I’m sure a lot is staged, but the items they find seem legit.

  • krantcents

    I have picked up some great deals on antiques over the years. I would travel the back roads of Kansas when I was stationed there in the army. It can be a lot of fun!